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Netherdam SAFNHS.


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Netherdam Security Forces.

Named: Special Armed Forces Netherdam Homeland Security . Hereby known as: SAFNHS.

This special branch has been created out of Netherdams armed forces. To secure the peaceful lands of Netherdam from Terrorist attacks aswel as Attacks from other country’s.

The small force of specially selected men and women from Netherdams Armed Forces. Have been given a three years training course.

As by now the SAFNHS will be the primary Anti-Terrorist Force of Netherdam.


• SAFNHS Weapons:

o SAR 21 Light Machine Gun (LMG) Fitted with an open bolt, it has a heavy 513 mm barrel with an integral

folding bipod

o Accuracy International AWM 6.5 kg (14.3 lb) (.300 Winchester Magnum)

6.9 kg (15.1 lb) (.338 Lapua Magnum) with stock, bipod and empty magazine

o Glock pistol Short recoil, locked breech, tilting barrel (straight blowback for .380 ACP variants)

o FN Minimi 6.85 kg (15.1 lb) (standard model) 6.56 kg (14.5 lb) (Minimi Para) 700–1150 rounds/min 300–

1000 m sight adjustments

o Milkor MGL 778 mm (30.6 in) stock extended / 565 mm (22.2 in) stock folded (MGL) 2 rounds/sec

(rapid fire) 18 rounds/min (sustained)

o Benelli M4 Super 90 12 gauge 3.82 kg (8.42 lb) Range 50 m

• SAFNHS Vehicles:

o Hummer Panther FCLV top speed of 150 km/h Bulletproof windows and blast proof armor. (option of

mounted FN Minimi)

o HH-60 Pave Hawk Crew: 4 (2 pilots, flight engineer, gunner) Capacity: max. crew 6, 8-12 troops, plus

litters and/or other cargo 2x 7.62 mm mini-guns or 2x 0.50 in machine guns

• SAFNHS Animal Corps:

o Two breeds of dogs are used for the SAFNHS Animal Corps. German Shepherd’s and Bloodhounds.

Netherdam now wishes to find fellow nations who take the threath of Terrorisme serious and are willing to have a war game with their special ops. hoping all the nations can learn from each other and share their toughts on the growing terrorist threats.

Dutcer, First elected leader of Netherdam and leader of armed forces of Netherdam.

Edited by Dutcer
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