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Annoucement from The Centurion Brotherhood

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Its almost Spring (or is it already?) and its time to do some house cleaning. I was going through our embassies today and seen that some have been left unused for a while so the following Embassies have been declared inactive and will be deleted in 7 days if no one comes and makes us laugh.


Mushroom Kingdom



The Dark Evolution

Western Empire


North Atlantic Defense Coalition

United Blue Directorate


Carpe Diem

League of Extrodinary Nations




The Order of Light

TCB invites all alliances to come to our forums and set up an embassy. Its easy and you may even be rewarded (well only with my gratitude, but thats still pretty great, isn't it?)

Link to forums http://thecenturionbrotherhood.ipbfree.com/index.php?act=idx

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Noooooooooooo! How did we get on one of these?

)): Mia )):

It is not my fault. I blame the minions.

EDIT: Time to go whip some minions into shape.

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