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need 4x sellers for 100 tech for 3 mil


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I assume it goes like:

Day 1: buyer sends $3 million to seller

Then in 10 days seller sends 50 tech

Then 10 days later, seller sends another 50 tech.

Repeat as desired.

If this is the idea, I am ready to start at any time, just send the money over. If you want the tech first, then nevermind, I just sent all my tech to BringMeTheHorizon and i can't afford any more without an inflow of funds.

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What if I wanted to send 2 nations 3 mill , and receive 100 tech in 10 days and another 100 in 10 days ? I'm in a 3x3 right now so that work out perfect . What do you think ?

oh no this isnt a 4x deal. i just needed four people. lol sorryf or any misunderstandings.

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