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The Ongoing Cleanup of Helsinki


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"Jesus, look at this place, I'm amazed people are actually signing up to work on this damn project."

"Hey, it's a historical city, people want to fix it."

"I think most of them didn't even read the bold print about the radiation."

Nikolai shrugged, and looked at the Geiger counter and his stopwatch, "!@#$...we should get to our truck, our time is almost up."

The city as in ruins, the nuclear blast had started fires, destroyed buildings, and left the obvious signs of radiation on the city. It's streets were empty except for workers in bright yellow hazmat suits. The entire city had become a quarantine zone, the residents had been moved to other cities and many were in hospitals.

For the workers, every day was the same. Wake up in the camp outside of the quarantine zone, eat and bathe, take Potassium Iodide, put on first layer of the hazmat suit, put on goggles and gasmask, put on 2nd layer of hazmat suit, grab equipment, get on the truck, move into city. Based on their job, they would either exit a few hours later, or only a few minutes.

For the outer layers, they usually worked for an hours because there was not as much radiation. In the inner city, nobody was allowed to stay longer than 2 minutes. Large holes were dug to the north, lined with concrete and plastic anti-leech liners. Bulldozers would push the radioactive material into these holes, already one had been filled up and covered with concrete and warning signs. High pressure hoses were used, to clear away the alpha and beta radiation, but next to nothing could be done against the gamma radiation.

With only a few hundred workers, work was going slowly, but that was fine. They needed to wait at least 20 years for the radiation to start to die down, so speed was not on the list of priorities.

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Statement from the Molakian Environmental Department:

If Any nation needs assistance in cleaning up Radiation, our crack teams will assist. We also have some Tanks and Other vehicles modified to help scrub down the harder radiation.
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Last time we entered a cleanup zone it turned into full blown Civil Disorder. We just want to cover all the bases.

We are sorry that you somehow angered the poor and starving. We will warn those in the refugee camps that if they see odd, short tempered people that they do not need to be afraid.

*In Helsinki*

Only one of the 3 large "trash cans" had been filled, and the entire concrete dome had been painted bright yellow and had radiation and skull and crossbones signs around it, for it was giving off quite a bit of radiation.

They had a new plan, level the entire city and rebuild it from scratch. It would be expensive but worth it for such a valuable port city, and with the anticipated aid from at least one international organization, it was easy to justify the more active plan to the CEO.

Some protested when ancient structures were toppled, but many were simply too occupied with surviving in the refugee camps to care. Any historical artifacts found were put into a warehouse for retrieval when they were no longer radioactive. Anything that was radioactive, not historical, and flammable was burned in controlled fires in sealed containers to prevent the radioactive ash from escaping, and poured into the "trash cans".

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The last time Molakia cleaned Helsinki, it was Criminal Gangs. We did not "anger" people as you said. In spite of your....charming notes, The Molakian Team is enroute to helsinki. We will stop our train just outside the radiation and continue on truck to your staging area. Leading the team will be Sergei Frolov, from the Molakian Intelligence Service. He was one of the cleanup tank drivers from the last incident. All orders or any complaints should be directed to him.


Outside Helsinki

Former Hanseatic League

The train carrying 1000 men and their equipment slows to a stop just outside the Radiation Zones. Several tanks, modified to carry Anti Radiation Scrubbing Foam roll out, as do several BMPs.

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All the crews would be surprised when they reached the southern part of the city. Taeunas crews had been demolishing parts of the city ever since they had arrived. The debris was concentrated into several piles near the harbor facilities. Large ramps and conveyor systems were being built to the ends of the docks.

In Taeunas, hundreds of old barges were being traded in by their owners for owner certificates of new barges being built. In addition, old cargo ships and tankers were being modified. These would haul the barges to Helsinki, where all would be filled with the radioactive debris.

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