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GR-Genesis Treaty Announcement

Well it has been under construction for a week or two now, but it was worth the wait.

A PIAT between Genesis and the Greenland Republic


In the interests of strengthening peaceful relations, Greenland Republic, herein named GR, and Genesis agree to the following:

Section I - Respect

Both alliances and their respective memberships treat each other with the utmost respect.

Section II - Peace

Both signatories will not engage in or endorse military action of any kind against the other signatory. Should a member nation of either signatory have committed such an act, peace will be offered immediately and reparations will be paid twice to the sum of all damages incurred. The defending nation(s) are allowed to attack at will if the offending member refuses to offer peace after a 24 Hour period in which both alliances are encouraged to deal with the rogue attack diplomatically.

Section II, Item A.

Neither alliance will engage in or endorse espionage against the other.

Section II, Item B.

Neither signatory will engage in the use of sanctions against member nations of the other signatory without written permission from that signatory's government.

Section III - Friendship

The memberships of both signatory alliances shall do their utmost to remain civil to each other at all times, especially in public forums and over IRC.

Section IV - Intelligence

If either signatory receives information that can be potentially harmful, a direct threat, to the other, the receiving alliance will notify the other signatory and provide the relevant information. The source of said information may be left undisclosed.

Section V - War

Should either signatory enter into a military Conflict, they may officially (through the proper channels) request aid, financially or militarily, to help end the conflict; or to aid them after the conflict. The other Signatory is not legally bound to aid the other alliance, but are encouraged to aid their ally.

Section V, Item A.

Refusal to follow Section V cannot be used as grounds to terminate this treaty.

Section VI - Termination

Either signatory may terminate this pact at any time; however, the withdrawing alliance must notify the other signatory through diplomatic channels 48 hours prior to doing this, except when the countersigned has violated Section II. After 60 days, this treaty will be discussed among the signatories to consider the possibility of upgrading it.

Signed for Genesis,

Templar, Trinity

empirica, Trinity

flygirl, Trinity

Mergerberger, Minister of Foreign Affairs

PierreG, Minister of Internal Affairs

Retriloumis, Minister of Defense

San Carlos, Minister of Recruitment

MrSpackle, Minister of Communications

Signed for the Greenland Republic,

Archon: Drai

Vice-Archon: Celtic

Minister of Foreign Affairs: James Davis

Minister of Defence: Virillus

Minister of Finance: Sande

Minister of Interior: Poolmeister

Senate: Kestral, Davidius, Kosherness, Midgetporn, Shamedmonkey

Those sigs were from before the Minister/Archon elections we just had.

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Being treatied to both of these alliances, I can officially say that I like to see friends making friends with friends.

Trace, for once in his life, has said something semi-intelligible, and incidentally, I agree with him.

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[22:10] <Davidius> ...

[22:10] <Davidius> why is kestral listed first

o/ being listed first! The treaty's not too shabby either :P

More importantly, why the hell am I listed last and not as Vice Archon? Couping me already, eh Drai?

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