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= = = = Attention! = = = =, Recruiting Soldiers!


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Good Morning, Soldiers.

You're stuck in the scenario where you cannot choose which alliance to support. Time and time again, alliances post in this forum, telling you about all the money they'll give you, their amazing community or academy, but realistically, none of that matters. What matters, is which alliance is for you. Read the information below, and then decide if Soldier would be an alliance right for you.

Economic Stability

Soldier has nations of vast experience in the game, training regimes to die for, and economic programs of champions. Achieve true economic salvation by getting yourself the perfect trade setups, regular aid being fed to your nation and basic guides that are quick and easy to access for all Soldiers. All this and more, is all exclusive for Soldiers.

Military Protection

Soldier is protected by the largest white alliance in the game, The Phoenix Federation. Due to Soldier being a military themed alliance, we always ensure our war machine functions as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. You will be most safe in Soldier and you have the chance to fight with honour and pride, besides one another, as a unit, as an alliance, as a Soldier.

Diverse Community

Soldier has the greatest sense of camaraderie and community in the game. Experience true morale and team spirit on our easy-to-use forums and brilliant Open World Community. Relax and spend some time with fellow members, diplomats and visitors, participate in OOC competitions and lots of spam - always.

All applicants, diplomats and people that just want to come and check us out, feel free to browse through the links below:



IRC: #soldier @ Coldfront



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