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iTech Corporation


About iTech Corporations

The iTech Corporation is more or less an alliance based more around a Corporation than an alliance. We primarily concentrate on technology deals. Smaller nations and larger nations can benefit from our tech dealing program, which includes long term tech deals, and 3x3+ tech deals. We offer protection from rogue nations and offer a unique Tech raiding system that allows war hungry nations to fight without causing trouble to alliances.

We are designing guides targeted to iTech Corporations needs. We have been around for a long time and are currently opening our doors to new and old nations that wish to participate in a more business orientated group of individuals. We have open positions in higher ranks, so if you prove yourself, you may be accepted to work with the executives.

Our IRC channel is #iTech on coldfront


Our goals are to promote nation growth, as well as provide tech for all the tech needy nations in CN

If you wish to join follow these instructions:

1. Goto iTech Forums (http://itech.comuv.com/forums/)

2. Register a username

3. Follow the instructions at http://itech.comuv.com/forums/index.php?topic=2.0

4. Wait a short period of time

5. When you are accepted, change you Nation Affiliation located in Edit My Nation to Specify Other and type this exactly without the quotes, "iTech Corporation" and change your nation team to black.

6. Make sure you participate in the forums!

If you wish to buy tech, or organize trades with us visit our forums at http://itech.comuv.com/forums/

We welcome all nations, please read the charter below.

Charter Map

I. Government

-Ranks (Sec. a )


-Global Management


-Elections (Sec. b )

II. Membership

-Requirements (Sec. a )

-Benefits (Sec. b )

-Expectations (Sec. c )

III. War

-Tech Raiding (Sec. a )

-Defensive War (Sec. b )

-Offensive War (Sec. c )

-Declaring War (Sec. d )

IV. Diplomacy

-Standards (Sec. a )

-Process (Sec. b )

V. Zero Tolerance

-Standards (Sec. a )

-Golden Laws (Sec. b )

VI. Amendments

-Amendment I

I. Government:

a) Ranks:

CEO, Global Management, and Management


The leader of iTech Corporation. This member manages the alliance as a whole, and confirms everyone does their jobs. This level of government can only be passed down to someone who has been in Global Management for 6 months. If something happens to the CEO and he is no longer able to perform his duties, then Global management will take over until A)The CEO returns and then B) after a month with no LOA then a new CEO will be elected from someone in Global management by Global Management and Management. The CEO has the ability to remove a member of Global Management by an Affirmative vote of the CEO and Global Management members other than the one being voted upon.

Global Management:

These members overlook and organize generalized Internal Affairs, External Affairs, Military Organization. They have direct control over Management, and members of the alliance. They may appoint Management, and are voted in by the people every 3 months. There are 3, 5 or 7 Global Managers, depending on the size and work demand of the alliance. If there is no Management, then Management becomes Global Managements job as well.


These members have duties to make things flow. Tech deals, trades, and other specialized duties are the responsibilities of these. Management is appointed by Global Management, and removed by Global Management by an affirmative vote. Management instructs members on what to do. They also do the minute work, that Global Management does not have time to handle. If there are no Management, this class becomes part of Global Managements job.


Once every 3 months the public votes on positions. The top Voted individuals will become the positions they were running for. The voting will start on the 1st of the month, and be active for a total of 5 days.

Jobs available for elections are:

-Global Management

II. Membership

a) Requirements:

Membership can be obtained by any nation under the following conditions:

1)That nation is not in any wars

2)That nation is not in debt to any alliance

3)That nation is not on the ZI OR perma ZI list of any alliance

4)That nation is in general good standing in Cybernations

5)That nation is the ONLY nation owned by the individual who registered it

B) Benefits:

Benefits of membership include protection and assistance in the case of war, starter AID, and participation in iTech Corporations business deals.

c) Expectations:

If this alliance is to go to war for any reason, members are expected to participate. If a member leaves during times of war, they will be considered traitors.

III. War

a) Tech Raiding:

Tech Raiding is permitted with the following standards:

1. Target nation must not be in an alliance

2. Target nation must not have been Aided by a nation in an alliance

3. Target nation must not have anything in their Nation Bio saying anything about being affiliated with an alliance or group of nations

4. Target nation cannot be under our protection, or be a customer or trader with any of our nations

**Failing to abide by these standards will result in possible expulsion, suspension, and/or paying reparations to the target nation

B) Defensive War:

A defensive war is defined as a member of iTech Corps having an unprovoked/provoked war declared on them by another nation, alliance, or group of nations. In the case of a defensive war, the defensive nation should make a post in the military section stating the predicament they are in, as well as battle outcomes etc. This is so reps may be calculated. The nation in Defensive war has the right to go on the offensive, but is aware that this may affect any type of war AID and assistance they may receive. If the nation wishes to let the alliance handle the war declaration, then these steps will be taken; negotiations, threats, war, ZI, perma ZI.

c) Offensive War:

An offensive war is defined as a member of iTech Corps declaring an unprovoked/provoked war on another nation, alliance, or group of nations. The only times an offensive war is authorized is if A) It was an order given by the CEO.

d) Declaring War:

-Only the CEO Is allowed to declare an official alliance war

-If the CEO is not present for any reason, Global Management will have a vote on an alliance war

-Global Management is allowed to handle non-alliance related wars (dealing with nations that are not affiliated with an alliance)

-Personal wars/raids must be announced in the war documentation area or to a manager for documentation.

IV. Diplomacy

a) Standards:

One of our goals is Diplomacy. We wish to establish good relations with every alliance, and to be able to benefit Cybernations as an alliance.

B) Process:

The process in which diplomacy is handled will be,

1. Diplomatic embassy established

2. Both alliances should be aware of any standing with any alliance in the game with will

3. A Non-Aggression Pact, Protectorate, Protector, Treaty, or any other binding contracts will be presented by one or both parties, and then be signed by both parties

4. If a treaty or pact is broken, a vendetta, a cancellation, or nothing may be executed

V. Zero Tolerance Policy

a) Standards:

If any of the following rules are broken by any member of iTech Corps or any member of this board the punishment will result in an immediate ZI and possible perma ZI, with no questions asked. There are no exceptions to any of these rules. Global Management may perform only this form of declaration of war.

B) Golden Laws:

1. Do not attack another member of iTech Corps

2. Do not attach a member of an alliance we have not declared war on

3. Do not spy (using forums)

4. Do not spy on an alliance we have not declared war on (using spy method on CN)

**These rules are easy to follow, it takes more time and effort to break them than it does to follow them

VI. Amendments

Amendment I:

The CEO's word is final and has the power to alter and bend this charter and iTech Corporations regulations at will.

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