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"50,000 people used to live here..."

Markus Wilding

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An Alvonia radiation cleanup crew was sweeping the town of Destriya, looking for any radioation and obviously cleaning it up. They worked silently, although there wasn't much to talk about anyway.

One noticed a sign reading "Destriya, Pop: 50,000". He thought, since apparently nobody else noticed it, to bring it to his comrade's attention. "50,000 people used to live here...now it's a ghost town." Another looked up then back down as he said, "Sickening. Makes my skin crawl that such a madman could do something like that." The apparent leader, kept walking. "Well, that's the way the world works. Maniacs like him try to take the world over and the good people destroy him...leaving people like us to clean up the mess."

The crew then pondered over this statement as they cleaned up the radiation. Back near the capitol, President Marcello Yachesniov made this statement.

"Although our radiation crews continue to clean uor nation, we desperately need more help. At the current rate our crews our working, we won't be finished for at least a year. A year can be a long tome for people without homes, children without a yard to play in. We need the aid promised to us, but yet we have not recieved it. We try not to complain, but I'm sure that most people do not want to live in radiation suits for the rest of their lives."

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"A year will not be enough. High Energy Gamma Radiation will still be there, cancer rates will be high, to send people to live there is a crime. You cannot wash away gamma radiation with a hose. You would need to replace every radioactive material, every brick, every street, every tree. It is better to build a new city for these people and wait the time needed for the radiation to go away.

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