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A temporary Goodbye

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I have served Nueva Vida as Emperor for many months, starting off when Nueva Vida had reached her very nadir after being attacked, since those dark but glorious days I've changed our entire structure, brought in new faces, started new projects and seen a total recovery in NV's strength. I couldn't have done this without the support of Bomber66, Pd73Bassman, Hizzy and Lord Ditka. I couldn't have expected anything more from my government or Members, you've rallied together and ensured Nueva Vida survived and regrown at an astonishing pace, avoiding the dangers of a post-curbstomp collapse.

Due to commitments out side of CN, I must temporarily step down as NV's Emperor and pass the crown back to my predecessor; Raasaa. For the next two months Raasaa shall serve as the Emperor Pro Tempore of Nueva Vida during my Hiatus. He has the full authority and power of the Office of Emperor and with it my full backing.

Raasaa previously served with distinction as Emperor of Nueva Vida and I have no reason or fear that he will not repeat his excellent work with the dedication and hard work we have come to associate with Raasaa, God speed and good luck with NV... she can be a fickle mistress as you know :lol: . Remember.... no destruction of everything I've ever done and when I get back, I expect at least 100 members left if not the full 210 we have now... :awesome:

This is a general goodbye to those I regularly speak to on IRC and in game, I will see you in two months, keep cool and two months will just wizz by.... ^_^

Raasaa, Emperor Pro Tempore of Nueva Vida

Hizzy, Lord of Brotherhood

pd73bassman, Lord of the Interior

Lord Ditka, Lord of War

Bomber66, Lord of the Exchequer

Magicalbricks, Emperor Eminus of Nueva Vida

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Hope everything goes well for you MB. In my opinion, NV is a great and honorable alliance. I have a lot of respect for you and NV. Also, as a former Polar, I like the shout-outs to the other former Polars ;) Hurry back, but NV is in good hands!


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