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FCO has three things to announce


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I. So we had these elections that went pretty good. The third senate elections of FCO had 10 candidates and 4 winners. Thus, I give you the third senate of FCO (there's some cool numbers behind their names that might represent the percent of votes they acquired. Maybe)

Riku123 18%

Enrico 15%

forgotten 13%

King Nupe 12%

II. We also had a cool contest to decide our new war-flag. Lot's of suggestions and all, but only one flag won ('cause having more would be stupid).


Feisty, eh?

III. Our good friend and ally WANG merged with Federation of Buccaneers and we here at FCO wish them all the best. However, since the other party of our MDAP is no more, our treaty is no more. We also wish to establish diplomatic relations with FoB, so that one day, we might be forutnate enough to sign a new treaty.

That is all.

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oo/ \'-'_@ <----- Siamese/Snail High 5 ;)

Congrats there my friend on such a fine and glorious announcement... I'm serving some garlic, olive oil and basil brazed escargot in your honor :P

Good job and good luck to the new senate

and Yes... That is a very sweet looking flag :).. Congrats

oo/ KanaX

oo/ FCO

*Make more posts.. you guys are way too quiet ;)

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Congrats to FCO for living under KanaX's rule. It is something that I myself would never wish upon my worst enemies.

Also, finally you make an announcement KanaX :P

@_'-'/ FCO

I figured it'd be nice to give you a chance to haze me at long last. :P

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