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Legion Super Cup

Arcadian Empire

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Results - Round of 16:

AC United (Kyoteey) 3-1 (SIWELCELA) Iron Warriors, a.e.t. (ht: 0-0/ft: 1-1)

Goals: Beaufort (ACU) 59' 94' 119', Meredith (IRW) 83'

Possession: 59-41 (ht: 62-38)

Chances: 7-3 (ht: 0-2)

A hattrick to AC United forward Beaufort allowed a progression into the Cup, after a 1-1 draw after 90 minutes, in a match that was always going to be close, needed extra time. In extra time, AC United played like they should have, dominating possession, making chances - and finishing them, finishing twice actually for a 3-1 after extra time win.

Was Arcadian right? Yes, just not about the scoreline.

Pandanaughts (McQuillen) 1-3 (Iron Phoenix) Phoenix FC (ht: 1-2)

Goals: Rogele (PHX) 8', Grau (PHX) 26' 80', Iwaki (PDN) 34'

Possession: 50-50 (ht: 45-55)

Chances: 3-6 (ht: 2-5)

In a match of two actives, Praefectus side Phoenix FC prevailed 3-1, sealing the match after 90. Making the majority of the chances, even with pretty equal possession was a plus for Phoenix FC, who progress knowing that they don't need to totally dominate possession to win games, which is, so often, what we are told. Scoring from 50% of your chances isn't bad either, with special note to the lone chance of the second half in the 80th minute which was finished brilliantly, sealing the match. Pandanaughts will go home disappointed, but they fought well, got good possession, just couldn't make as many chances as they needed to, and of course, crucially, score from them.

Was Arcadian right? No, dead wrong actually :awesome:

Beached Whales (Konkrage) 0-4 (Dendarii Federation) Illawarra Steelers (ht: 0-3)

Goals: Lewington (ILS) 12' 15', Manners (ILS) 43', Harlow (ILS) 72'

Possession: 41-59 (ht: 48-52)

Chances: 0-9 (ht: 0-5)

Konkrage has failed astronomically. Therefore, Arbiter shouldn't consider him as his successor after this horriblle loss...which showed he lacks commitment. 'Leading', and I use that term very loosely, his team to a 4-0 loss making no chances after a great start to the season is shocking. However, credit to Dendarii who showed bloodthirst, with a good attacking game getting good possession, and making a helluva lot of chances, and scoring from about half. If the Steelers were a little bit more precise, we could have seen an embarassing 8-0 or so win. So Illawarra Steelers, unsurprisingly, progress after an absolute shutout of the Whales.

Was Arcadian right? Damn straight. Although I was expecting more blood.

FC Firedog (afrey22) 0-3 (Arcadian Empire) Pikachu FC (ht: 0-0)

Goals: Orson (PFC) 52' 56', Brumwell (PFC) 66'

Possession: 38-62 (ht: 37-63)

Chances: 2-7 (ht: 1-2)

After a shaky and cagy first half, a flurry of goals in 14 minutes enabled a 3-0 win for Pikachu FC. Dominating possession and making chances is always a recipe for a WIN and Pikachu FC did not disappoint. Although I was expecting more from FC Firedog who did beat them before, and defeated FC Malawi as well, just not tonight. The scoreline was surprising...very surprising. This ends the Firedog's 10 match winning streak, which started after a loss to Pikachu FC...and ends after a loss to Pikachu FC. How poetic.

Was Arcadian right? Yup! I was expecting an extra 40 minutes, but not to happen today...

Chonto FC (Chris Fulton) 0-1 (totem) FC Malawi (ht: 0-0)

Goals: Joel Ngom Kome (FCM) 90'

Possession: 48-52 (53-47)

Chances: 1-4 (0-0)

A lone header in the 90th minute sealed what could have gone on as to one of the greatest shocks in history. JJNK scoring in the 90th meant an unconvincing win for FC Malawi, who was shut out at the expense of their shutting out of the opposition for the first half. Several chances in the second half most of them to FC Malawi did spice up the game, but just when Chonto FC was about to force extra time, and then maybe win by a fluke on penalties... not gonna happen. I could swear I could hear the Chonto FC manager screaming to his players, "Just 60 more seconds!" But they couldn't do it...however, kudos to Chonto FC who made it very close to beating them. I could totally see Chonto FC winning on penalties on a fluke, after all, [OOC]Manchester United beat Chelsea that way[/OOC] :P

Was Arcadian right? Yes, but I overestimated the score...

The Sharks (King Seifer Almasy) 2-2 aet 6-7 PK (Midas) Kumatians (ht: 1-0)

Goals: Hamshaw (THS) 6', Poplawski (KUM) 56', Tomczak (KUM) 69', Noteman (THS) 73'

Possession: 50-50 (ht: 47-53)

Chances: 5-3 (ht: 2-1)

Most of you are going...what?! Okay, Kumatians beat the Sharks 7-6 on a penalty shootout after they drew 2-2 after extra time. Get it?

Things started well with a 1-0 lead in 6 minutes for the Sharks, and at the expense of two yellow cards - held the lead at the break. Kumatians have a shiny kit for a reason, they can bribe officials :P, but they ultimately failed at that, taking their aggression into winning the game - which they almost did, 2 goals meant a 2-1 scoreline, but a red card to a Kumatian and the confusion led to an equaliser. Two more Kumatians yellow cards were shown as Kumatians desperately tried to not concede another, playing with 10 men will do that to you.

Extra time. One more yellow card to Kumatians. One more to the Sharks, but wait, that's his second! He was sent off. Then just a minute before penalties...no, not a goal, another yellow card to Kumatians, bringing the count to 6 yellows and 2 reds. Extra time characterised by attacking play was not disappointed, as both teams resorted to violence to stop a goal being scored...what passion!

Then penalties. All they had to do was find the goal from 12 yards...all they have to do. Kumatians started off, they scored, but so did the Sharks counterpart...back and forth they went. Until the 7th round, Kumatians scored...but the Sharks, did not. Oh well, this was the match of the matchday, what epicness! Kudos to both managers, for an entertaining match with goals, cards and penalties...lovely!

Penalties: O donating goal, X donating miss

Kumatians	O O O O O O O
The Sharks	O O O O O O X

Was Arcadian right? Yep, I thought Midas would settle this in 90, but nope.

Prosperus Penguins (nonamemark) 0-3 (FreeMason) The Hasselhoffs (ht: 0-1)

Goals: Wagner (THS) 11', Hasselhoff (THS) 82', Price (THS) 90+1'

Possession: 43-57 (40-60)

Chances: 2-8 (0-3)

I spent my paragraphs here in the one beforehand...good win for FreeMason, although expected.

Was Arcadian right? Yep!

Wolf Team (Eveready) 1-1 aet 3-2 PK (FUstarKU) FUstarKU (ht: 1-1)

Goals: McClennon (WTM) 17', Clarke (FSK) 35PK'

Possession: 46-54 (43-57)

Chances: 2-4 (1-4)

Yep, it was another shootout...wrong about the winner.

A great shootout, Wolf Team getting the early advantage, 2-0 up, then they missed two, so it was 2-2. But in the final kick...ohh, what a miss from FUstarKU. A defencive extra time period with no events at all, and a lack of chances in the second half...it was obvious it was going to penalties. What is interesting is that FUstarKU equalised in the 35th with a penalty...and then lost the shootout. I would think if you scored a penalty, going in, you have confidence in knowing that you can beat the keeper already...oh well.


Wolf Team	O O X X O
FUstarKU	X X O O X

Was Arcadian right? Nope.

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