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Why I need to take #blackstonecollusion off of my autojoin


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[00:24:00] <UNCLEJIMBOB> i'm a saturnine, slightly misanthropic retard with an unsocialble style which commingles just nicely with my put-on misogyny, woman loathe me

[00:24:00] <Demeanor[blackstone]> The first time I met her, she walked in, rode me, and walked out.... without saying a single word.

[00:24:16] <UNCLEJIMBOB> i.e. virgin

[00:24:31] <Demeanor[blackstone]> You're a virgin, that writes sex stories?

[00:24:43] <Demeanor[blackstone]> hmm

[00:24:49] <UNCLEJIMBOB> you've never heard of charles baudelaire?

[00:25:00] <Demeanor[blackstone]> nope

[00:25:16] <UNCLEJIMBOB> he was a virgin who wrote epic sensual poetry

[00:25:22] <UNCLEJIMBOB> and he was french

[00:25:26] <UNCLEJIMBOB> and he has veneral diseases

[00:25:29] <UNCLEJIMBOB> without having sex

[00:25:36] <Demeanor[blackstone]> I'd shoot myself.

[00:26:10] <UNCLEJIMBOB> survival of the fittest: you'd become a platonic humanist/a christian ascetic/or a bhuddist monk

[00:26:23] <UNCLEJIMBOB> assuming u r fit

[00:26:30] <Demeanor[blackstone]> heh

[00:30:09] <Sileath[NSO]> this conversation

[00:30:12] <Sileath[NSO]> makes zero sense

[00:30:13] <Sileath[NSO]> good job

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Fascinating anecdote brother


Can't be fascinating, has to be a variation of "cool" or "chilling".

C'mon dude.

P.S., if the thread is useless, it's not a violation to go off-topic, is it?

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