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The Empire of Vera'Kis


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Country Name: Vera'Kis / The Veran Empire / The Empire of Vera'Kis

Territory Occupied: Roughly 98,000 km² in Northern Siberia, situated between Vaule, Estovakia, and the SlavoRussian Empire

Color: Blood Red

Economy: Command Economy

Political Parties: Communism (Marxism-Leninism)

Government stance: Totalarian

Currency: Roubles

Flag: http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/2435/veranflag.jpg

Population: Estimated 415,000 Civilian

Capital City: Petrozavodsk

Major Cities: Petrozavodsk, Kalinschk, New Moscow, Darkwood, Ember, Sparks, Charred Vale

Airports: Petrozavodsk International, Charred Vale Airport

Seaports: Sparks, Ember, Charred Vale, Darkwood

Industrial Mark: Classified

Agricultural Mark: Barley, Wheat, Rye, Corn, Apples, Potatoes, Onions

Landmarks or Famous places: Liberation Monument, The Blood Square, Veran Memorial Park, Novum Praetori Citadel Tower

National Anthem: The Launch

Environment: 80% Tundra, 20% Temperate

Religion: No recognized national religion. A large number of Veran Citizens practice various forms of Wicca and Paganism, however.

Languages: 75% Russian, 15% Finnish, 10% German. All citizens of Vera'Kis also speak "Veran", a language dating back to the early 1600's, spoken only by Veran citizens.

Standing History of the Veran People

Vera'Kis (pronounced Veh-rah-keys) was formed around the year 1583. The nation was originally composed of seperatists that broke away from Russia during the 16th century, dissatisfied with the Czarist regime, particularly unhappy with Czar Boris Godunov. With the breakaway, Vera'Kis took a good sized chunk of land from the Tsardom of Russia extending from Moskva to Petrovadsk. Naturally, a war ensued and Vera'Kis, being a fledgling nation, was beaten back out of most of the territory, left with only a relatively small chunk of land roughly 38,000 square kilometers centered around the city of Petrovadsk. The Tsardom of Russia was, however, not totally unharmed in the conflict. Vera'Kis inflicted enough casualties on their side to cause them to pull out of the war and leave the nation be. Skipping ahead a few hundred years to 1917, the beginning of the Russian Civil War. Vera'Kis, now roughly 90,000 square kilometers in size and nearly twice as large, long known to oppose the White Guard within Russia, was quick to ally itself with the Bolshevik Red Army and lend it's support in the war. Ultimately, Vera'Kis helped decide the outcome in favour of the Red Russians with their efficient industry and organized military. Skipping ahead again to the beginning of World War II, Vera'Kis was invaded by the USSR in 1938. Unwilling to accept help from the Allies who had so often called their government out on it's communist nature (although it was widely known that the Veran people were among the most happy and loyal to their country of any other nation's populace), and unwilling to comdemn his nation's citizens to their demise, the current Veran leader, Chancellor Demitri Gorbachyov, surrendered to the USSR, allowing them to take control of Vera'Kis once again. He was not, however, going to just give up. Demitri Gorbachyov rose quickly through the ranks of the USSR Government, having been a leader of Vera'Kis and having surrendered peacefully, he had a head start. By 1943, Gorbachyov along with a large number of former Verans and new allies, reared up and broke the chains of the USSR that shackled the Veran people. The conflict was short, but bloody. Taking advantage of the distracted and slightly weakened state of the Union in the period between the Siege of Leningrad and the recapture of Kharkov, Gorbachyov declared sucession from the Soviet Union and took back control of Vera'Kis territory. The movement had been planned, within hours of Gorbachyov's declaration, ex-Veran soldiers began turning on their Soviet comrades, not only in Veran territory but as well as abroad, causing massive chaos within the ranks. Later come to be known as the 36-Hour War, over 57,800 Soviet Troops and 32,400 Veran troops had died within 30 hours of the sucession. Appalled by the large number of casualties to the smaller 'rag tag' nation, the Soviet Union chose to draw up a Non-Aggression pact with Vera'Kis, deciding that it had underestimated the Union long enough. It was promptly accepted by Gorbachyov on the conditions that the USSR or any other sucessive government to arise from the Soviet Union not open hostilities in any manner with the Veran government. Today, Vera'Kis is led by Chancellor Vira'Khail 'The Glorious', heralded by his people for not only being the youngest ruler to date (Having achieved the position such at the age of 33) but for also the large number of improvements upon the nation ushered in by his rule. Recently, for reasons unknown, the Veran people and it's government have embarked on a massive exodus, the entirety of the population moving the country from what was believed to have been their home in the land area below what was Finland between Finland and Russia to it's current location in Northern Siberia, claiming land within the Vaule Protectorate. No one knows what brought on this exodus, and Veran government refuses to comment on the issue, stating "Internal Affairs of the Veran Empire are not for the eyes and ears of Outsiders." Likewise, the Veran Populace seems to be similarly tight-lipped, refusing to comment on the Exodus, which is being come to known as "The Veran March". For a more in-depth history of the Veran Empire, please contact the Veran Government and request it. A copy will be drawn up and sent within a week.

More information on the Veran Empire to come soon.

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