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Vaule Citizenship and Immigration Reform

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After an embarrassing defeat with his Outer Mongolia proposal, Prime Minister Ivanov has now proposed amendment of Vaule’s Citizenship and Immigration Act and an overhaul of Vaule’s Immigration Enforcement Agency. While Vaule has traditionally had a closed border policy regarding immigration, Vaule’s accession to the RUSSIAN pact has resulted in an opening up of borders, however funding to the VBC (Vaule Border Corps) has not increased to match the additional border traffic.

Amendment to the Citizenship and Immigration Act:

1) Removing the act which allowed any child born on Vaulian territory to become a Vaulian citizen

2) A new act which states that “Vaulian citizenship is acquired either: by birth to parents holding Vaulian citizenship anywhere in the world; Marriage to a citizen of Vaule; Naturalization."

3) Amending the Citizenship through marriage act: “A non-Vaulian citizen may acquire Vaulian citizenship through marriage to a Vaulian citizen after at least 3 years of marriage. Upon the dissolution of the marriage, the spouse who acquired Vaulian Citizenship through marriage will be required to surrender their citizenship immediately. Should the couple have children at the point of dissolution of their marriage, the non-citizen parent may be eligible to obtain a Residency Permit immediately after surrendering their citizenship."

4) Creation of the Dual Citizenship Act: “The Government of Vaule does not permit Vaulian citizens to hold dual-nationality with any non-RUSSIAN pact nation. Any citizen of Vaule who becomes a citizen of another nation may, upon the discretion of the government, be required to surrender their Vaulian citizenship."

5) Creation of the Vaulian Workers’ Program Act: “Citizens of other countries who wish to work in Vaule are required to submit an exhaustive background history, detailed reasons for entry, duration of employment, finances, etc. The government will grant different work permits based on the country of the applicant. Scientists, and jobs in the intellectual or educational fields are immune to this act.”

6) Legal foreign workers in Vaule are automatically covered by the “Vaule Health Insurance Act” regardless of their country of origin. Children of foreign workers in Vaule are permitted to attain a free education through the Education Fund, as long as their parents are legally present in Vaule

7) Amending the Naturalization Act: “A non-citizen of Vaule who wishes to acquire Vaulian citizenship via naturalization must submit detailed criminal, psychological, financial information to the nearest Vaulian embassy. Applicants are also required to prove to the satisfaction of the government, that they will be an asset to the country, before any application will be considered. There will be a limit of 500 naturalization per year.”

8) Creation of the Revised Vaulian Taxation Act: “The income tax charged to a legal foreign worker in Vaule is capped at 3.2% of Income. Most of this tax income will go towards offsetting the balance of the state Health and Education Funds, to which they have access."

9) Funding for the Border Corps shall be increased by 110% in order to increase security and decrease wait times at the border.

This bill, one of the planks of the Nationalist Party, is widely expected to pass with broad support from Nationalist and Socialist Parties. Some Nationalists have called of a much tougher reform policies, however the Prime Minister has rebuffed their calls opting for moderate policies in order to gain cross party support.

In the aftermath of the disastrous vote on his last proposal, this is seen as a crucial test for the Prime Minister. Analysts believe that if the Prime Minister cannot gain enough support to pass the bill, then it would be extremely unlikely that the Prime Minister would be able to follow through on any of his other main policies, including Tax reform, health care reform, energy reforms and education reforms. This proposal will also be a barometer of how the upcoming National Budget debate will be as the Prime Minister attempts to cut down spending and increase efficiency.

Voting is expected to begin on this proposal at the next session of Parliament tomorrow.

OOC: Feel free to comment guys :)

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