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Ragnarok Announcement


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Ragnarok's Term IX Government

I am proud to present the people of Plant Bob with Ragnarok's Term IX Government. Term IX has seen also some minor change with the reintroduction of the Vice Minister position and three month terms. Without further ado, here they are:

Ruling Council

Gen_Lee, Triumvir

rishnokof, Triumvir

TailsK, Triumvir

Tautology, Military Commander

Mecha Sheikh, High Chancellor

Alfred von Tirpitz, Vice Chancellor

USMC123, Prime Minister

Wehrmacht13, Vice Minister

High Council (order not in the chain of command)

Balder, Lord of Internal Affairs

Jon Archer, Lord of Foreign Affairs

Wombaticus, Lord of External Affairs

Kinzer, Lord of War

Valtamdraugr, Lord of Defense

Comrade Odom, Lord of Education

Advisory Council (order not in the chain of command)

Jekalle, Lord of Compliance

Master ROM, Lord of Finance

BogdanSin, Lord of Admissions

Famzy, Lord of Recruitment

King Lear, Lord of Trades

YYM, Lord of Technology

William Dean, Lord of Information

Rampage3, Lord of Communication

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