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-Seeking Alliance-

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I am seeking an alliance once again, now a smaller alliance. I would like to have a government opportunity and well established Forums to visit. I am willing to help in any form, so if your interested please private message me or post below (reply). I would like to know about your alliance, link, and who are you. Thanks!

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Well, this is your lucky day! :)

Please consider the North American Confederacy. We are a small (35 members as of today), but growing, alliance on the Purple sphere (although waivers can be granted regarding color team). While we cannot guarantee a government position, YOU can, by being active, helpful, and demonstrating your merit. Senators are elected monthly and cabinet office vacancies, when they occur, are chosen by merit.

You can check out our current statistic here:


Our forums are located at:


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to message me with them at:


We hope you'll join us. If not, best wishes wherever you find yourself.

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