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United Nations Treaty Announcement


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United Nations Announcement

Non Aggression Pact between United Nations and Anteland

Article I:


Each Signatory will recognize the others sovereignty and will not infringe upon it.

Article II:


The signatory alliances are never to engage in war against each other as long as this pact remains alive.

Article III:


If either alliance wishes to cancel this treaty they may with a 72 hour warning period.

Signed for United Nations,

Coolgreen44, Head Backpedaler

Danizduhman, Minister of Minstry Like Affairs Concerning Cybernations

Max, Minister of the Thing That Goes "Ping!"

Havok, Minister of all stuff HavoK

Terminal, Minister of WAAARRHHHH

Mushi, Minister of worthless Idleing


Tulak Hord, Minister of Lurking

mythicknight, Viceroy

Signed for Anteland,

Ante, Owner of the land

Budlight, Imperial Drink Provider

Makela, Minister of Insanity

I would like to Thank the Diplomatic team of Anteland. Although we only claimed power a few hours ago, we were able to form a great friendship with them.

o/ To a new start for UN :D

For those who missed it look here

UN is here to stay, we are no longer the bumbling alliance we were about 3 hours ago. We are lead by a powerful bunch, if you don't agree check the list of Government :D


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