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My fellow citizens of Planet Bob, we humbly stand before you to announce that today is Nusantara Elite Warriors (NEW) 1st Anniversary.

On March 6th one year ago, a tiny blood pact of 20 Indonesians nations with 300K of total NS fulfilled their destiny to establish a small all-Indonesian alliance called Nusantara Elite Warriors (NEW). Within one year, we able to reached 2.6 Million of total NS, 750 nukes and amazingly 137 members, a state that we wouldn’t even dare to dream before.

We owe our success to all of our great bankers and elite warriors, whose contributions and loyalties are beyond imaginations. We would also like to bestow our gratitude to all of our great allies and friends in and outside White Sphere who always provide great supports in good and bad time. We hope we can continue this state of friendship in our future journey because without that red line of comradeship, we are nothing but a dry haystack, fragile and easy to get burned.

special thanks to:

TPF, our big brother and out First Protector

our allies : o7, TOOL, FEAR, ex-DefCon

to Poison Clan and FOK for being a nice friend.

Last but not least, let’s join our 1st Anniversary Party at #indo@coldfront.net. Beer, stout, weed and Pillow Fight are provided but bring your own beer bong. See you there.


137 Warriors of NEW

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