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United Nations Announcement


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United Nations Announcement

Hello Friend,

I am the rightful ruler of the United Nations. Apparently, you guys didn't get the memo, but I'm in charge now. Please give me my alliance, or I'll have to rein you all in.

I'm serious.

I want my alliance NOW. Give it to me or someone's gonna get a hurt real bad!



The new government of UN is as follows,

Coolgreen44, Head Backpedaler

Danizduhman, Minister of Minstry Like Affairs Concerning Cybernations

Max, Minister of the Thing That Goes "Ping!"

Havok, Minister of all stuff HavoK

Terminal, Minister of WAAARRHHHH

Mushi, Minister of worthless Idleing


Tulak Hord, Minister of Lurking

mythicknight, Viceroy

Hormones, Who knows

Beazy, FA minister

tldr: I claim United Nations. I planted a flag, and so it is mine. I will fight to the death to those who oppose my reign! And uh, the new UN forums will be hmmm, uhhh. This section. :lol:

And IRC will be #newun !? Idk. But hey, we are totally serious. :mellow:

Forums: http://z8.invisionfree.com/UNTE/index.php?act=idx

We are proud to say we have the endorsements of many foreign powers!

Crimson Empire supports this change in government. Bold times call for bold moves.
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I swear my allegiance to this coup and will assist in any way. To the United Nations i am Sudan. And the only Genocide in Darfur is Genocide from the truth.

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Who are you guys? The man in charge of the UN is Naon Matrix. Explain to me why you are doing this.

I think that contradicts this announcement. It stated that the people listed in the OP are in charge (under "The new government of UN is as follows,"), and Naon Matrix is not one of them.

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