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State of the Alliance

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State of the Alliance

This week has seen some coming and going with regards to member nations. Our membership number now sits at around 160 members with our total strength passing 2.3 million this week. The Siberian Tiger Alliance’s average nation strength has risen slightly to 14,700.

As mentioned, we had some comings and goings this week. King Death II was expelled for continued acts of !@#$%baggery, charliec’s nation was wiped from the Cyberverse by Admin and Sileath’s short stay in the Siberian Tiger Alliance ended with his departure to the New Sith Order. Countering this has been our continued recruitment boom. Lizzardtheone has been leading this charge and with many members chipping in to send out recruitment messages the new applicants keep rolling in.

Bzelger and Shodemofi shared the Tiger of the Month award for February for their efforts in the Bank of Siberia and for the manner in which they have taken up their role in the Consilium Tigris. Both have worked hard on improving their ministries and the alliance and her members are reaping the benefits of their work.

Pezstar is continuing work on the University of Siberia and we look forward to her work assisting our members, new and old, once the courses are put into place. Lakerzz8 has also worked hard to get our Foreign Affairs department in order and has successfully distributed our diplomats across the Cyberverse to represent the Siberian Tiger Alliance.

In Siberian Trophy news, the top division is the closest it has been in some time with Batch coming back to the field. This means only 4 points separates the top 6 teams with KevinKeegan’s Cidduh Blues and MagicalTrevor’s FC Morrowind looking destined for relegation unless they have a rapid change in fortune. In the cup division Fior Eire remain unbeaten at the top of the table and have all but secured the title and promotion. The second promotion place is still up for grabs with three teams within two points of second placed Digimatrix.

This week also saw the Siberian Tiger Alliance sign a temporary protection agreement with the New Sith Order, lead by Ivan Moldavi. The formation of the New Sith Order has caused some noise in the Cyberverse however, the Siberian Tiger Alliance is always happy to help a friend and we wish the New Sith Order continued growth and success.

In military news there has been little to note. A small but dedicated group of licensed tech raiders ply their trade with no reports of rogue activity. The rogue incident reported during the last address was resolved peacefully. The highlight of this week being Auzzie’s tech raid on a 17 day inactive, nuclear capable nation. The nation logged on just before his removal from the Cyberverse to wish Auzzie a happy one month of existence by lobbing his nuke on our unsuspecting raider.

This was another week of growth, both in numbers and strength as well as a week of continued development of our in-house procedures. Many new members that have joined over the past week have been active and dedicated and the Siberian Tiger Alliance is in good shape as we turn our sights to the 3 million total nation strength milestone.

Za Sibir’!

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You guys rock. Hope to see you up past the 2.5M mark soon. It would push FEAR, WAPA, and NEW to build more and would be beneficial to the white sphere on the whole. You guys should get a friendly size competition going to push for third place on white in NS (which is a pretty close race as it is) :P

I must say I'm going to keep an eye on MagicalTrevor's Durkastan team in Liga Mundo. I've always thought LM needed moar STA ;)

Shoutout to Lakerzz8, Uhtred, Rakari, and Drompper. :awesome:

Za Sibir'!

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How many alliances is it that KD2 has been kicked out for !@#$%baggery? At least 2 that I know of.

Nice update!

We learned that if you treat him like he's a !@#$% he leaves on his own. We had the opportunity to kick him many times, but this route was considerably more satisfying.

STA, I'm highly disappointed that you guys will be passing us so soon :P

Congratulations and I hope your growth continues!

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That would be a sign to me that I need to change my behavior. :iiam: But then again that's just me.

No, apparently everyone takes things too seriously and we need to get in-tune with our inner King Death II and the Cyberverse will be a much better place.

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