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Federation of Buccaneers ANNOUNCEMENT with World Association of Nuclear Genocide


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Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom-1.jpg + wanglogocopycopy.png


This is a World Association of Nuclear Genocide and th' Federation of Buccaneers Announcement

It is with much honor I be announcing that th' great alliance, th' Worldwide Association of Nuclear Genocide (WANG) is merging into th' Federation of Buccaneers (FoB).

That be right; FoB is taking WANG, WANG is coming int' FoB, WANG is filling FoB with its memberrrrs, FoB will embrace th' WANG, FoB will help th' WANG grow, and th' WANG will be in good hand and hook.

World Association of Nuclear Genocide has been one of arrr longest runnin' allies. When th' Federation of Buccaneers started Th' Immortals and World Association of Nuclear Genocide were the only allies FoB had. After months of work t'gether, growing, and becoming closer friends WANG has decided to merge int' FoB. We be sad t' see th' alliance with one o' the greatest acronyms in the game leave, but are more then honored t' have them flying under a united banner with th' Federation of Buccaneers.

We pledge t' help ever WANG member grow, prosper, pillage, plunder, and enjoy arrr BOOTY.

Together, th' Federation of Buccaneers will surpass th' 1mil MARKER (which i will edit in once it happens). This be not just a celebration welcoming arrr brothers in arms. But a celebration of a milestone, completed together.

As a toast I will leave ye with a fitting celebratory video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AzpByR3MvI

The World Association of Nuclear Genocide will be protected by the Federation of Buccaneers until update Sunday night, March 9th, at update.

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The new flag is WICKED. WOOT... WE will soon have flags for each day.

And after we win the next 7 rounds of TE, we will have every nation swap every day.

In TE i am only about 1.4k ns. So if your above that please delete your nation before the end of the game so we can post our flag. THANKS


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