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No WRC option


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Weapons Research Complex - $150,000,000 - Increases the technology bonus to damage from 0.01% to 0.02% per technology level, Increases the number of nukes that can be purchased per day to 2, hurts environment by +1, Increases the purchase costs of all military by 0.01% per technology level. Requires 8,500 infrastructure, 2,000 technology, National Research Lab, Pentagon Wonder.

My wonders

Anti-Air Defense Network, Central Intelligence Agency, Disaster Relief Agency, Foreign Airforce Base, Great Temple, Great University, Hidden Nuclear Missile Silo, Manhattan Project, National Research Lab, Pentagon, Social Security System, Stock Market, Strategic Defense Initiative,

My tech and infra level

Technology: 5,241.78

Infrastructure: 8,500.00

I also have more than the $150m that I need for the wonder. When I try and purchase one I dont get the WRC option.


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