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An announcement from Capax Legio

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Hello, this is a public service announcement from Capax Legio. Just a few announcements we need to get out there.

First and foremost I, Chaosplayer4, will be stepping down from the Caesar position, along with Ven, due to a disease we nicknamed: "Real Life." JustLooking will be replacing both of us, you can find him in #Capax on coldfront. Ven should be returning soon, but I will be gone for a little longer. Both of us will remain as members.

There has also been a little other shuffling around in our cabinet. This brings our government to:


JustLooking of JustLooking

Imperator of Finance:

JustLooking - Pending

Imperator of War:


Imperator of Foreign Affairs:


Deputy Imperator of Foreign Affairs:


Imperator of Internal Affairs:


Also, JustLooking would like to annouce that if you want to buy tech from members of Capax Legio please contact us, we have reserved slots, just because someone has an open slot doesn't mean that you should send him 3 million. We do alliance wide deals and my members may confuse your 3 million for something else.

And as always, if your looking to buy tech or just improve relations, our forums can be found here: http://capaxlegio.forumotion.net/forum.htm

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