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Outlining a trade circle.


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Well, that's pretty much it - I've got Furs and Lumber and need a TC. In addition, I'd like to throw Uranium into the mix, so that I can buy nukes in the short-mid term. The options I'm entertaining are:

Affluent Population/Construction + Uranium -> Rather odd, and loses out in many categories to other conventional sets, but makes use of my resource combo. Oddly enough, this sets absolutely fails at population boosting despite the AP. The happiness/income increase is acceptable, though.

Affluent Population/Beer + Uranium -> A better choice, IMO, but the infra cost reduction is abysmal (-16.2%). +22.5% citizens and +14 happiness are the outstanding aspects of this set aimed mainly at increasing income.

5BR + Fish + Furs + Uranium -> The problem with conventional sets is that Furs is rather undesirable, especially in comparison to other 'optional' resources. When considering what set I'll go for, I guess I need to take into account who will actually accept my Furs.

3BR + Furs + Uranium -> Again Furs is a problem, but this is statistically one of the better choices.

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