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Defeat Alerts


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How much (relative) damage do Defeat Alerts cause? (My nation is currently at war with a nuke :nuke: rogue that stopped buying soldiers :jihad:, so I'm limited to two air attacks, two CMs, and a single defeat alert/day.

My question is: How much of his cash does each defeat alert destroy? And what's the percentage on spies?

/me heads to suggestions centre to add a suggestion related to this.

Adds another question: Is it against the rules to deliberately stay at no soldiers so no one can defeat you in regular ground battle?

nevermind, found the data in the obvious spot.

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Paragraph V of the Information Index on Declaring War

If an attacker is unable to battle a defending nation because the defending soldier numbers are too low the defender will automatically be placed into Anarchy, up to 5 defending spies may be killed, 5% or up to 10 technology levels, 20% or up to 40 infrastructure levels, and 5% or up to $5 million in money may be destroyed (not stolen).
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Theres no way to make it easier to beat down a rogue without making it easier to beat down legit players...

To reduce turtling, the system whould make it more lucrative to win a defensive battle, which would encourage nations to continue to rebuy troops and tanks and keep them at home to defend to win defensive wars.

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