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Yeah, kind of an embarrassing problem


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Well, it appears I lost a registration.

Last night, I registered at a forum, and requested a consulate on behalf of the Siberian Tiger Alliance. The problem is that I thought it was on the Nebula-X forums, but when I returned, I was not registered, and had no such request posted.

I'm wondering if any alliance has seen my masking request, and if so, could point me in the right direction to return to that site. I'm fairly sure that I saw "Recruiter-X" and some other ranks at the bottom, when they show the different masks that people have, but can't really remember much more than that.

Yes, I checked my email to no avail, and no, it wasn't the MCXA forums.

tl;dr Don't register drunk, and fat chicks need love too.

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www.nebula-x.com is no longer the home of nebula-x and hasnt been since founder Ludacrism2 left to form the triforce which later merged into Leviathan.

Current forums are located here http://z8.invisionfree.com/Nebula_X/index.php?act=idx . Sorry you had to hear this from me, an ex- member lol. Either way i hope this was of some help.

Also i saw u joined my tech raid discussion channel #nx last night. Nebula-X's official public channel is #nebulax . Feel free to come back to #nx tho ;P

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