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A Trilateral Commission Announcement

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Trilateral Commission

March 4, 2008

This was the day that T-O-O-L, GR (Grim Reaper, not Greenland Republic), and several others founded the alliance known as the Trilateral Commission. Almost every one of these had once been in the Illuminati and had a falling out with Illuminati leader Terry Howard. This made our first days difficult. Only ten members, frequent raids against us, and a vindictive leader of a dying alliance plaguing our existence.

Btw, T-O-O-L =/= TOOL. Our Chairman is simply an avid Tool fan and has no connection whatsoever to The Order of Light.

First light came when we found a protector, the Confederacy of Imperial States. We frequented each other’s forums and once in awhile a CIS member would chill out in Mike’s Bar.

Slowly, we climbed in terms of numbers and strength and in June and July we signed our first treaties: PIATs with the Socialistic Empire, Socialist People’s Army, Element, and Obsidian.

At one point early in our life, after Illuminati had completely failed, Terry Howard made a claim that Illuminati lived on in the Trilateral Commission. (Some of you might remember that.) Thankfully, Terry Howard’s own reputation worked against him.

By June, the members of the Trilateral Commission began to affectionately call the alliance

‘TriCom.’ Of course, this also led to some annoying puns, or, as Cooksonthegreat put it, TriPuns. Needless to say he received a slap for that.

We seemed to be in the clear after July: several promising treaties, cool protectors, awesome people. But of course, that kind of shattered for awhile in August when CIS disbanded and got rolled. For a few days we panicked, trying to find a new protector. One of the former CIS members recommended that we ask the New Polar Order, so we did. Soon, we signed a protectorate treaty with NpO.

During August, we gained about 10 new members, so it seemed like we were back on track. Then there was the War of the Coalition, and NpO had to cancel our protectorate per the September 20 surrender terms. The panic this time lasted only a short while: Obsidian, Element, and Legio X had merged to form The Dark Evolution. We got an offer from DE: a merge or a treaty. So within a few days we had a new protector. It was kind of like trading in the two PIATs with Obsidian and Element and getting a protectorate.

In October, the government finally managed to convince our blocophobic Chairman, T-O-O-L to make the Trilateral Commission a signatory of the Dark Vows. It wasn’t really a bloc, but still…

In November, our CEO, GR, went inactive, but for some reason that none of us knows, we waited until about ten days after his nation was deleted to choose a new one. In the end it was Drakedeath by a margin of one vote. Around this time, we also upgraded our PIAT with -SE- to an ODP.

December found us chatting with the Ravyns, led by an old friend of ours, Sharduke. About two weeks later, we signed an ODP with them. A month after that we upgraded it to an OADP. About this time, a short-term member, T Bone, attempted to convince our First Representative to found a new alliance with him and also asked our 1st Rep to try to bring along as many members of TriCom as possible. Of course, neither Arch nor TriCom took kindly to this, so he left empty handed to join the United Socialist Alliance. We decided to give them a fair warning of him.

In January, -SE- and CPCN merged to form the International, so our ODP went over there. T Bone also tried to coup USA, failed, and was put on trial. Drakedeath was asked to testify on behalf of TriCom and in favor of USA, and he agreed. In short, T Bone was ZI’d. Couping is bad, mmkay?

February was uneventful except for the resignation of our CEO, Drakedeath, and the signing of NOIR.

Cooksonthegreat was promoted to that position.

And here we are, March 4, 2009, celebrating one year of Trilateral Glory.

And also, awesomely enough, we just hit 3.00 score today.


And now a few special shoutouts.

To The International: o/ for being some of the coolest leftists we’ve ever met. Special mention to Ivanfed and the other former SE members.

To The Ravyns: o/ for being plain out awesome and sometimes funneh.

To The Dark Evolution: o/ for being awesome protectors. It’s like we found our older brother when we treatied.

To the New Polar Order: o/ for being awesome n stuff and being cool protectors for that month.

To the Former Confederacy of Imperial States: o/ for previous awesomeness

TriCom is 1 year old now

Also as a special bonus we at Tricom now have a new home,a birthday gift from GR:


From here you can access our Forums, and our very own alliance wiki.

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You'll notice our shiny semi-new flag at the top of that. It replaces our oddly shaped one with the morbidly obese, blunt stars. :)

We were going to post our revised charter with this today, but then there was a discussion involving the Senate that still needs to be resolved, so that's coming later.

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