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Growth: Round 3


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Good evening,

I am here now and today to do something I should have done earlier and a few days ago. Yes, it is my fault :P

TFD and Zenith have entered, one month ago, a competition to see who reaches first 4 million Nation Strenght. We agreed to do 15 days-updates to check the developments. These last 15 days were not too good for both TFD and Zenith - for different reasons - but I believe we're both nearly at the same point we were around last week. Let's check it out.

Lets' start with Zenith. Here's Zenith 15 days ago:


This is Zenith today:


Now for TFD. Here we have TFD 15 days ago:


This is TFD today:


Breaking down the difference in stats:


Yep, my fears came true. Zenith has defeated us by a large margin this round :( It seems the two weeks ended up being worse for TFD than Zenith, Zenith showing a medium sized growth. In two weeks however, we'll get back to regular scheduled program with TFD winning over Zenith :P

Also, I would like to thank Duncan King for this:

* %Duncan_King[Zenith] slaps Lusitan_[TFD] . You forgot the competition update

Without it, this update would have definitly not been possible :P

o/ Zenith

o/ TFD

o/ Friends

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No worries DK.. I'm still pulling for ya ;)

*Remember our uber secrit plan to win.. I join you for the finals and you get my nukes, infra and awesome infra:tech ratio :P

j/k.. good luck to both alliances.. friendly competition is a healthy thing


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You've both got like 10 cruise missiles per member, no wonder you're not growing! :wacko::P
You do need to remember that nations looking for a NS boost to get into, perhaps the top 5% and such would be looking to maximize anything possible. Also remember that although you are talking about an average, people with CMs usually will buy all or nothing, resulting in large nations having 50 each. If this is the case, we have somewhat 12-16 nations or so with CMs.
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Eh, I knew that we sucked this round. Epic phailure on both of our parts, but especially to TFD for letting Zenith win this round (I thought our strategy was to utterly defeat them - not allowing them to gain hope anywhere in between). :angry:

:P It's all fun and games anyhow. :) Congratz Zenith. ;)

o/ Zenith

o/ TFD

o/ Racing, even if we're both the hare this round...

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what does the winner get and also congrats on gaining some strength since NSO came about a lot of people have gone there

As stated in the original post.

Article Three: Victory

The contest ends when one of the two alliances reaches four million nation strength and the alliance that reached it first is the winner. The alliance that lost must post a thread on the Open World Forum stating that the other alliance is the superior alliance. Additionally, the losing alliance must change the topic of their IRC channel to declare the alliance that won to be the superior alliance and leave it that way for a period of one week (seven days). Finally, the alliance that lost must state that they know the true name for a brown carbonated beverage originally made by Dr. Pepper (soda or pop).

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