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After the rebuilding of Oslo, the State Ministry has decided that a new capital needs to be built farther from Europe's powder keg. So, they have authorized the construction of Grønnheim, a city that will be built in the newly acquired territory in old Racconia. This will also overcome many milestones that have yet to be passed worldwide.

The city will not be built from any non-organic materials. Isochanvre, a well known building material from the cannabis plant, will be used in the place of cement. The roads will be made from bricks of the stuff, painted red, to add to the city's beautification.


Artist's rendition of a downtown block in the city.

However, before work can be started above ground, much of the work must be started down below, in what will be the city's massive underground bunker. Projected to withstand a direct nuclear blast, this city will more than handle the projected population. In addition, any expansion to the city must begin with enough bunker infrastructure down below to handle it.


The Frihethus will be the new state building. The main spire is only the entrance hall, a large, lavish lobby with shops, offices, and other things. In the center is a large elevator cylinder where you can go to a restaurant in the center of the structure, or if you enter the correct password, go down to where the real things happen, the Statsbyg.

The entire understructure of the island is a nuclear bunker. The Abærøn's office and the kongress hall are located down here. The offices of the intelligence agency, and most sensitive government programs find their homes in the statsbyg.

The city is projected to cost most of the money saved in the government's coffers, however since almost all of the materials needed for the city are grown in Norsvea, it won't be expensive.


Site of Grønnheim

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While we congratulate our Scandinavian friends on this achievement, we have one question. We had no idea that the cannibus plant was able to be grown so far north unless in hydroponic laboratories and if that's the case. Would we be able to begin trading for any excess material you have?

OOC: :lol:

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OOC: Yep. It's been a long day, heh.


We are predicting to have quite a bit of excess product, and can send some to the Hansa if needed.

Also, the buildings are not made from the plant, they are made from a byproduct of the plant. It doesn't cause THC to get up into the atmosphere, and when it burns it doesn't get people high.

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