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Announcing the Vidianist Union


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Accompanies by a nice

4 people walked towards a stage to Announce the arrival of a new bloc

The Vidianist Union


Due to a common goal, Government and nation the signatories of this pact agree to uphold Vidianist values and defend Vidianism on an International Level.

Article 1: Sovereignity

Signatories will remain full Sovereignty and every member is expect to defend it of all. This treaty will not influence Internal Affairs of a nation unless an Official Government requests it

Article 2: Membership

Everyone who can prove they are Vidianist in essence can apply to become a member of the Vidianist Union. After an Application has been received all signatories will vote on the membership.

Article 3: Defense

If a Signatory should find itself in a Defensive War all other signatories are obliged to defend the Vidian. In case of conflicting treaties the Vidianist Union will overrule it.

Article 4: Offense

If a Signatory should decide to go to Offensive War It can request Vidian Assistance. When a request has been received a voting period will start lasting 24 hours. If a simple majority votes in favor all are obliged to assist. In case of conflicting treaties a Signatory is forced to remain Neutral.

Article 5: Economy

Signatories agree to maintain an open Border policy to others and give trade with fellow signatories priority so the Vidian nations can benefit as a whole.

Article 6: Technology

Signatories agree to share technology with all others to improve the combined technology of all Signatories.

Article 7: Removal

If a Signatory should show conduct unbecoming of this Alliance another can initiate a vote to withdraw said member for this a majority of 75% must be in favor.

Article 8: Withdrawal

Any Signatory no longer considering itself part of this treaty must announce their withdrawal in Private. When all members have received this message a 72 hour period will start after which the signature will be removed.

Article 9: Grace of War

Should one of the Signatories be in a State of War none can withdraw from the Union until said Signatory is in a state of Peace again.

Article 10: Amendments

Any Signatory can initiate a vote to amend this treaty. For this to pass 75% must be in favor of the amendement.


For the Imperial Union of Sovereign Pacifist South American Regions,

Queen Relena Peacecraft

For Solaris,

Lord Marcus Vitrillo Of Solaris

For The Grand Duchy of Gebiv,

Princess Gebiv IV

For the Republic of Himynamistan,

Speaker of the Nation Zzzptm Nezahualcoyotl

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OOC: Nah if you keep a simple organized Government(not too many departments and stuff) you would already fit. While Vidians get in easier it's pretty open :P

OOC: Oh...well, that sounds nice. Monarchies and dictatorships should have little problem qualifying... :D

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OOC: Hell democracies would as long as you don't have a ministry for everything :P

OOC: Well, I have a Ministry of Foriegn Affairs, which takes in all aspects of diplomacy and public relations; Internal Affairs ensures internal security, intelligence both domestic and from abroad (spies... :P ), and efficient organization of all government offices; the Ministry of the Treasury; and of course, Military Affairs, which during peacetime is subservient to the Internal Affairs branch. That's pretty much it.

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We in Himynamistan are glad to sign this defensive treaty with a brotherhood of nations. Our intentions are peaceful, and we hope it will aid in both regional and global efforts towards peace, commerce, and stability.

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