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Realm of the Rose Elections

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Gentle Persons

It is with glad heart that the Order of the Black Rose and the Realm of the Rose announce the completion of the very first elections in the Rosular Kingdom. The Realm of the Rose is a place unique within our family. The more martial traditions of Blackwater and the Order of the Black Rose are relaxed in the Realm of the Rose and as such those who show merit have a place to run for office, and offer their hard work and effort, to govern and improve the Realm of the Rose. While the guiding hand of the OBR will be ever available, the Realm of the Rose is designed to help develop the skills and knowledge of the nations and small alliances that choose its fertile ground to plant their roots.

We are proud that in its short existence it now is home to 17 strong nations with Nation strength of over 435,000. Their 65 comrades in Blackwater and the OBR watch proudly as the continued growth of Realm of the Rose proves the value of the hard work and effort put in by many of those self same leaders to foster this new project in growth and knowledge.

To that end I give you the roster of government of the Realm of the Rose.


Sir Neboe


Page Stella of Schnitzelburg

Squire Hime Themis

Realm Elected Positions:

Almoner - JacquesCousteau

Watchman - JohnWinthrop

Reeve - Page EvilGM

Customs Officer - Burnin

Appointed Officials:

Steward - Page Craven

Messenger - Jacques Cousteau

Bottler - Squire Winslow

Minstrel - Squire W_A_R


To our two newest elected members we give our heartiest congratulations.

Our new Almoner is Jacquescousteau.

Our new Watchman is JohnWinthrop.

Hereby announced with Pride on behalf of The Realm of the Rose and the Order of the Black Rose

Our Liege Lady Queen AterAtra

Knight Protector Sir Neboe


Squire Hime Themis

Edited by Hime Themis
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*W_A_R eases his back with a series of stretches. Grooming his destrier, Daffodil is no easy thing given her appalling flatulence and preponderance towards sudden kicks in confined places. W_A_R's confined place had been sorely tested during the exercise.

It is a pleasure to follow up my fellow Squire's announcement to offer my hearty congratulation to Jacquescousteau and JohnWinthrop.

May you find pleasure in the service of the Rose.

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Could the more ignorant folk like me get a translation for the positions please (i.e. the more commonly used term for said positions) D:


Castellan: - "Resident owner or person in charge of a castle (custodian)."

Chamberlain: - "Responsible for the great chambers"

Almoners: - "The ensured the poor received alms." - Aid system

Watchman: - "An official at the castle responsible for security. Assisted by lookouts (the garrison)." Our Military Liason between OBR and BW

Reeve: - "Supervised the work on lord's property. He checked that everyone began and stopped work on time, and insured nothing was stolen. Senior officer of a borough." Tech, Trade Circles, and Donations

Customs Officer: - Recruiting and Security Checks

Steward: - "Took care of the estate and domestic administration." Forum Administrator

Messenger - "Brought the news of the day to the Castellan" News from OWF

Bottler - Minds Neboe's Wine Cellar (Spam and games)

Minstrel - Monitors and keeps alive contests, news and reviews

I congratulate John and Jacques on your recent election. I also congratulate the entire membership and leadership of the Realm. We announced the existence of the Realm only a short while ago, and already we are seeing excellent growth and development from within. I am exicted about the future of the Realm and how it will fit into the great organization that includes Blackwater and The Order.

Edited by Neboe
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President Paradise yawned as he flipped through his daily news and intelligent briefings: NPO, IRON at war, GGA in peacemode; TSO pays 28 KMs to MCXA, isn't rolled; Vox determined to attack Pacifica. None of it was of any interest to the President. He tossed them all on his desk and fell into his chair. A knock came at the door.

"Yes?" The door opened and Carlo Marx, his intelligence advisor came in.

"Sal," said Carlo, "We have one late arriving news briefing here, from the Realm of the Rose"

"Oh," Paradise sighed exaggeratedly, "what could have possibly happened there today? Pantaloon catastrophe perchance?" Paradise took a large heavy envelope from Carlo. Written on the back, just below the seal, was a paragraph comprised of a single sentence, laden with clauses, asides, and arcane terminology all written in an unnecessarily decorative script. "What the hell does this say?" He handed the envelope back.

"I have no idea" said Carlo squinting at the envelope, he could barely tell what letter each monstrously stylized character was supposed be, "I'll get some codebreakers on it".

"Get some lawyers in on that too!".

3 hours later, Carlo returned, envelope and translation in hand.

"Had our best guys go over it Sal," said Carlo "and it's a good thing you didn't open it, let me tell you!" he handed the translation over to the President, "had you opened it, you would have given droit de seigneur to all Knights of the OBR and Blackwater billeting rights anywhere in Bat Country."

"Dastardly! But I see you've opened it!"

"Yes, well, one of our lawyers opened. You see, the lawyer explained that because he himself does not have the power to confer these rights, by opening the envelope no harm is done. Though he technically committed a felony by opening someone else's mail... he's in prison now."

"Oh good. Can't have criminals in the administration. So what does the letter say?"

"They had an election."

"Great.. congratulate them"

Edited by Sal Paradise
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