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The alliances of the League of Small Superpowers (LOSS) and IRAN sign this treaty of Peace, Aid and Intelligence, to develop their friendship and to expand their co-operation within the Cyberverse. Both alliances agree to comply with the following articles and do everything in their power to uphold them.

Article 1: Peace

Both signatories agree to co-exist peacefully. No act of aggression is to be taken by one signatory against another, regardless of any situation. In the case of an unauthorised attack by a member of either signatory, the signatory alliance to which the attacker belongs to is expected to deal with their member, including the ordering of peace, and the payment of reparations to the nation attacked.

Article 2: Intelligence

If either signatory acquires information concerning the other signatory, they must bring it forth to the signatory which it concerns. This specifically applies to information regarding any harmful acts or threats towards either signatory, acts of espionage or any other useful information.

In addition, both signatories agree to not conduct acts of espionage and spying towards one another. This includes both in-game spying and off-site actions.

Article 3: Aid

Should either signatory be under circumstances which require financial support , the other is highly encouraged to provide as much foreign aid as is needed upon request, however any such request can be denied, if reasonable grounds exist for it's denial.

In addition, each signatory agrees to not send aid to any alliance, which is at war with the other signatory.

Article 4: Optional Defence

If either signatory is engaged by another alliance in a defensive war, then the other signatory is encouraged to help in any way possible, such as; diplomatically, monetary and militarily. However any such action of support is not mandatory, and the extent to which it is taken is at the discretion of the signatory carrying out the said actions.

Article 5: Civility

The members of both alliances should interact in a a civil, respectful and polite fashion with each other. This includes all mediums of communication, and government officials should encourage members to be friendly to one another. Members of both alliances should strive to show unity on public forums.

Article 6: Cancellation

In the event that any of the above articles are clearly violated, this treaty will become void immediately. Otherwise, either signatory can cancel this treaty, after a 72 hour notice to the other signatory, by stating the cancellation in their embassy.

Signed for LOSS

Jaaku, Princeps

PHD, Consul

Lord Slade, Consul

dwthegreat, Prefect of Foreign Affairs

Signed for IRAN

Batallion, Triumvir of War

The Manbearpig, Triumvir of Internal Affairs

Mogar, Triumvir of Foreign Affairs

Bibliophile, Minister of Foreign Affairs

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<PHD> Posting now - any preference on a treaty name?

<Mogar> An IRAN LoSS

<PHD> An IRAN LoSS it is

<Mogar> tbh that was the first thing came to mind

<Mogar> but it works


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