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The Viridian Entente


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IRC Channel: #VE on irc.coldfront.net

About the Viridian Entente

The Viridian Entente (VE), a Green and Blue Team alliance, has proven itself to be a major player in Cyberverse. While still a small alliance, the VE has moved to the forefront of CN politics with its outside thinking. Once a sanctioned alliance, the Viridian Entente had disbanded, only to rise from the ashes several months later. It now aims to return to its previous glory and prominence in the Cyberverse.

Defense and Security

In an effort to ensure the security of its members and its allies, the VE has allied itself with some of CN's premier alliances. We have worked hard to ensure that, as an alliance, we will be able to help to protect our friends, in addition to them protecting us. Also, having some of the most powerful nations in the game, the VE will be able to back you financially, militarily, and technologically in times of war (and if you are active enough, we send out huge aid packages in times of peace too!).

Loans and Grants

Speaking of money, if you are able to get a harbor (or whatever else you may need) but just don’t have the money, we have a Harbor Fund that will get you there as soon as you are ready. If you need more or less money for any other reason, you can take out a loan from the Viridian Exchange (VEx). You can borrow enough money to get what you need, and you only need to pay back when you are ready.

Military and Wars

While the VE does not support rogue actions (attacking any nations without the approval of the VE), it does maintain the Enemies of the Entente list, essentially a list of rogues and other enemies that are free game for anyone to attack. If actual military campaigns interest you, than you have the opportunity to lead in our military provided you show knowledge and leadership in the field of war.


For nations more interested in diplomacy and politics, the VE offers several opportunities to be involved with the political scene. In the Diplomatic Corps, you can put your diplomatic skills to the test by representing the VE to other alliances.


The Economics Division of the VE centers around improving the global economy of the VE, as well as the economies of its individual members. If you know a good deal about these two areas, you can join our economic geniuses in the Economics and Trade Committee.

Involvement Opportunites

New chances to be involved are always showing up, such as our Ministry of Recruitment, Viridian Exchange (VEx), and other more involved and secret (shhh!) committees and clubs.

Eventually, if you prove yourself to be active and aware of the going-ons of CN and the VE, you’ll have the opportunity to advance to the higher ranks, such as a Minister position.


If you are interested in joining the Viridian Entente, sign-up on our forums, and post an application within two days. If you do not, your account will be deleted and you must re-register. This is to ensure the safety of our forums.


If you are looking to represent your alliance, please apply via the link provided above.

charter goes here when i'm not lazy

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