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CLASSIFIED: To Save Our Souls


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Order 65, from the Desk of the Imperator:

Prepare for imminent attack by hostile forces. Troops still interdicting crossings from the Imperial Union are to be stripped to skeleton forces not numbering over 20,000. Armored Combat Soldiers are to suit up immediately after rendezvous at specified ready-rooms.

The Imperial Fleet is to regroup at Imperial Center in its' full strength. Patrol Boats and Police Cutters are to continue operations as normal, in addition to any other paramilitary forces. Combat-Air-Patrol is to be launched as soon as possible. Maintain operations until further notice.

Below is a list of forces which should be in position in 48 Hours.

- 400,000 Soldiers (20,000 Armored Combat Suits)

- 3000 Tanks

- 20 Squadrons of F-1 Night Haunters

- 25 Squadrons of B-1 Blackswords

- 5 Squadrons of B-2 Daggers

With assorted Artillery, Fighting Vehicles, and Helicopters. Additional support will become available within an additional 48 Hours, but the bulk of our forces MUST be assembled by this time. May God protect us and smite our foes.

- Imperator Holihan.

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