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Timoresian Factbook


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Quick Facts at a Glance

Governmental Ideology: Imperial Socialism

Head of Government: Emperor Biohazard I

Official Name: The Socialist Empire of Timor

Common Names: Timoresian Empire, Timor, Empire of Timor

Primary Language: English

Secondary Languages: German, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish

Currency Type: Credits




Australasian Coalition (MDoAP)

Taiwanese-Timoresian ODP

Confucianism-Timoresian ODP

Military Information at a Glance

Standing Army: 405,700 Soldiers

Standing Naval Vessels: 19

Standing Armored Units: 3,278

Due to the nature of Timor as a nation of islands, the majority of the Army is made up of Imperial Marines and Airborne Units.

Imperial Marines: 300,000 Armed for Combat

Imperial Airborne: 75,000 Armed for Combat

Imperial Army: 25,000 Armed for Combat

National Guard: 5,700 Armed

NOTE: The C-130 Hercules and Attack Helicopters are not part of the official Timoresian Airforce. They are apart of the Timoresian Airborne division of the Military.

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Infantry Weapons

Standard Infantry Weaponry

G36 Assault Rifle (Standard):

• Cartridge: 5.56x45mm NATO

• Range: 200 to 800m

• Ammo Capacity: 30-round Magazine

• Muzzle Velocity: 920 m/s (3,018 ft/s)

• Gas-operated, rotating bolt

• Sight: Reflex sight with 1x magnification, telescopic sight with 3x magnification


MP5-N SMG (Close-Quarters)

• Caliber: 9mm

• Ammo Capacity: 15/30-round Magazine

• Sight: Aperture

• Length: 8.85"

• Rate of Fire: 800 rpm


MSG90A1 (Sniper Rifle)

• Caliber: 7,62 mm x 51

• Ammo Capacity: 5/20-round cartridges

• Firing Modes: Single-Shot; Semi-Auto

• Barrel Length: 23.62"

• Sight: Scope/Diopter


AG36 (Grenade Launcher - Attachment to G36)

• Cartridge: 40x46mm grenade

• Firing Mode: Single-Shot

• Ammo Capacity: 1 grenade/shot

• Sight: Folding ladder sight

150 mm (5.9 in) sight radius


Kar-21 Rifle (Optional Primary Weapon)

• Ammunition: 7.92x52mm Mauser

• Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds

• Range: 400 m

• Sights: Iron sights, ACOG, and anything that can fit on the universal rail.


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Timoresian Airforce

Su-35 Sino

• Squadrons: 5

• Amount/Squadron: 12

• Total: 60

• Extra information: Upgraded Avionics; Advanced A2A Missiles



• Squadrons: 5

• Amount/Squadron: 12

• Total: 60

• Extra information: Refurbished for high speed strike; anti-naval warfare.


B-52 Bomber

• Squadrons: 5

• Amount/Squadron: 12

• Total: 60

• Extra information: Armored


F-22 Raptor

• Squadrons: 35

• Amount/Squadron: 12

• Total: 420

• Extra information: Standard F-22 Fighter


Tupolev Tu-160

• Squadrons: 10

• Amount/Squadron: 12

• Total: 120

• Extra information: Standard Tupolev Tu-160 Bomber


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Timoresian Navy

Abbreviation: ITS (Imperial Timoresian Ship)

NOTE: Each battlegroup is accompanied by landing ships.

Total Fit for Service:

• 5 Corvettes

• 4 Battleships

• 4 Cruisers

• 4 Destroyers

• 2 Frigates

• Total: 19 Ships

Battle Groups

Battle Group Alpha

• 2 Battleships (ITS Halcyon, ITS Biohazard)

• 2 Corvettes (ITS Riddle, ITS Montage)

• 1 Destroyer (ITS Atlantis)

• 1 Cruiser (ITS Lunar)

• 1 Frigate (ITS Vindictive)

Battle Group Beta

• 1 Battleship (ITS Flare)

• 1 Corvette (ITS Maritime)

• 1 Destroyer (ITS Meridian)

• 2 Cruisers (ITS Jade, ITS Ruby)

Battle Group Gamma

• 2 Destroyers (ITS Matrix, ITS Star)

• 2 Corvettes (ITS Klaxon, ITS Damned)

• 1 Battleship (ITS Paradox)

• 1 Cruiser (ITS Tsunami)

• 1 Frigate (ITS Neural)

OOC: Ship classification to come later.

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