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IndoChina Mobilizes for War

comrade nikonov

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The IndoChinese military has gone through a number of preparations since the declaration of war upon Dragonisia months ago. Throughout that time, a few new military machines and expansions have been implemented throughout the entire Armed Forces. First is the reorganization of the IndoChinese Air Force, from a predominantly offensive force into a new stealthy multi-role capable fighting force. Gone will be the Su-33s. In their wake the air force will be divided into the following. There will be 19 squadrons of F-22 stealth fighters, of which 17 were used in the Mascurian Conflict. 15 Composite squadrons of B-52s and B-2s, also used in the Mascurian Conflict, will be created as well. The other 25 squadrons, formerly operating the Su-33, will be reassigned to operate two different kinds of UAVs and a VTOL aircraft. Of those 25, 3 will be reassigned to the Amphibious Assault Ships the IDN-014 Invincible, the IDN-015 Unconquerable, and the IDN-016 Indefatigable, to operate the F-35 jump jet, currently in low quantity production. A total of 36 aircraft will be in operation, at 12 per ship. The other 22 squadrons will be split along the lines, to operate UAVs which were developed since the Mascurian War. 15 squadrons will operate the Dark Sword air superiority UCAV, capable of Mach 2.1 speeds and stealthy as they can be.


As they are UCAVs, each squadron will comprise 36 aircraft, but only 18 will be in the air at any given time. The other 7 squadrons will be operating the first UCAV designed by IndoChina, as seen below.


The IndoChinese Air Force will also operate one squadron of the Advanced Tactical Laser, capable of scrapping tanks and other mobile targets, as well as infantry, from hundreds of miles away, beyond radar distance.

In the Navy side of things, the IndoChinese Defense Navy will continue to operate their two Iowa class battleships, the IDN-021 Islamabad and IDN-022 New Delhi. In conjunction, 3 small corvettes and 25 patrol boats rolled off the docks during the war period, being docked at Kolkolka. The corvettes, of the Visby class, are the IDN-031 Mao Zedong, IDN-032 Francisco Franco, and the IDN-033 Chiang Kai Shek. They employ state of the art stealth technology, and are equipped with a 57mm cannon and Saborian/Canadian Mach-6 SSMs. They also utilize the S-400 SAM for fleet defense. Also created, as shown below are 25 stealth patrol boats, of the Skjold class. They are extremely fast, capable of 60 knot (110km/h) speeds. They have a main armament of 76mm autofire cannon, S-400 SAM, and more Saborian/Canadian Mach-6 SSMs.


In the Army stage, all troops, numbering 390,000 in force, have been equipped to the Tactical Combat standard, with a full communications suite and targeting radio.


They are equipped with the AK-101 assault rifle, equipped with red dot scope and grenade launchers. The troops will be fully supported by the mechanized divisions, compromising 3600 upgraded advanced Leopard-2 MBTs with Chabham armor, and 200 each of the Dragon Fire automated mortar, shown below, and the XM2001 Crusader.


Metal Storm technology is currently under consideration.


30,000 troops and 15 tanks have secured the annexation of the rest of India, pictured below:


200,000 troops and 3300 tanks, along with 100 each of the artillery, have entrenched themselves on the Northwest Frontier, poised against Triyuncian Tibet.

S-400 SAMs and Saborian Mach-6 SSMs stand poised to defend from air attack, while constant flights of Dark Sword UCAVs ensure local air superiority.

160,000 troops and 300 tanks, along with 100 each of artillery stand ready in the homeland to react to air strikes and other attacks.


Due to the current development of affairs, we have decided to


We are also rejoining the Leviathan Pact.

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