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A joint Poison Clan - FOK announcement


It took us some time before we really got to know each other, but as our bonds tightenend and friendship emerged, the shouts for a treaty became louder and eventually irresistible.

I'm therefore proud to announce the following treaty between PC and FOK.

Preamble: After long walks in the park, slapping of trouts and the growing friendship between FOK and Poison Clan, we had both agreed to sign this Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression pact to seal our friendship.

Article I.


Poison Clan and FOK agree not to attack one another at anytime. Espionage both in-game mechanics and out of game means are both prohibited by this document. However, at times mistakes may happen. For such occurrences, it should be dealt with in private channels between the two friends and a system of reparations on a case by case basis shall be agreed to by both buddies.

Article II.


Poison Clan and FOK are required to share any and all intelligence gathered that could be a potential security risk for either signatory as soon as possible without hesitation.

Article III.

Mutual Respect

The signatories shall pledge to keep lines of communication open between each other and refrain from smack talk or harassing the other signatory.

Article IV.

Mutual Defense

A. Should one signatory call the other about an attack on them then the other is required to defend the attacked with any and all means at their disposal. That's how friends roll.

B.The above clause does not apply if either of the two friends is attacked because of a war launched offensively by that signatory. Assistance in such a scenario would be entirely at the discretion of the other signatory and not to be expected.

Article V.

Optional Aggression

The two friends may participate in offensive wars together should one of them ask for help. Uninvited assistance or "bandwagoning" is prohibited.

Article VI.

Regarding Lesser Treaties

This treaty overrides all lesser treaties (meaning those that do not mandate defense) of both parties in the event of a conflict.

Article VII.


If either of the two friends would want to break the friendship, then 72 hours notice must be given to the other signatory before the withdrawal takes effect.

Signed for Poison Clan,

Chinatownbus - The Toad

TwistedRebelDB47 - Master Killer

Pooksland - The Centipede

Syrik - The Snake

Revelation - The Snail

Boogeyman657 - The Trout

Don Fernando - The Komodo Dragon

Liquid Fire - Master of the Domain

Plysprtz - Hybrid Venom

Pensfan, Minister of Alliance Hopping & Nook Roguery

Chicken Dippah, Minister Of Love and Cuddles

Uzigrl, Mistress of Extra Nipples and Engorged *edit for content*

Citizenkane, Minister of internal chicken dippers

Leatherneck, Minister of Fussy Faceless Fearful Fighting Flying Fish (MoFFFFFF)

Shiftee Foxxe, Minister of Social Existential Systems (MoSES)

Korndmc, Minister of Agriculture

jgator, Minister of Poison Cookies

AcDc3, Optimus Prime Minister

TheRulerHimself, Minister of Yo Mamma

Banslam, Minister of Evil Chocolate Muffins

Marcus Obafemi, Minister of Extraterrestrial Technology Integration

Chairman Cao, Minister of Complacent Rationalization of Assumed Prerogative (CRAP)

Thewho, Minister of Naked Barbie Dolls (including a few Kens)

Jayson Almighty, Minister of Boobage and all things Boob related

Chris of Khi, Minister of Intelligence Leaking Foreigners (MILF)

Cowen70, Minister of Bangladeshi e-commerce trade solutions and facilitation of the application of targeted funding and appropriate resource allocation within the financial sector of the Peruvian community in the northeast

Velocity111, Minister of Ministering

Coffee Shock, Minister of Alcoholic Drinks (MAD)

Saitan, Minister of War Unseen "If you don't get caught, you won't get caught"

GreatKhanofLight, Minister of kute kuddley kittens

Energizer, Minister of Bartending

yogiebere, Minister of Music

tseitz, Minister of the Social Economic Xperience

Sanguine Demon, Minister of Inactivity

Knight2216, Minister of ensuring that a chick is really a chick, not a chick with a banana and apples. (Mushi might like this one?)

Mushi, Minister of stupid questions and worthless answers

Trigger, Minister of Various Associated Geriatric Invalids Needing Alcohol

Alex the Great, Minister of Felching and Faunoiphilia

Victor Hoffman, Prime Rib Roast Minister

Timmie the great, Minister of kicking your arse

Tashees2, Minister of n3wbs

b3x, Brewmaster and Lord God King of the Keg

Caseus, Minister of Cannabis Engineering

The King of Town, Minister of Death to the Infidels!!

JoseyWales, Minister of Laughs and Giggles.

Breadfan, Third Interim Associate Head Deputy General Viceroy Secretary's Dog's Brother's Uncle's Best Friend's Second Assistant Vice Ruling Executive Minister of Government Streamlining and Efficiency

Wak728, Minister of Wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka

Venhith, Minister of Cinamon

Aina, Mistress of Sims

Stocker, Minister of warehousing and stocking

Olaf, Minister of Topia

Gina, adMinister of Ministering

D3V1L5ADV0CAT3, Minister of coal, GOLD and darkness

King Aragorn, Minister of Young Ceasar

adzzz, Minister of nuclear sunrise and moolah

Topia SR, Minister of being grounded for playing CN lol

ka2552001, Minister of global oil prices and $1.88/gal in Champaign

tallfreek, Minister of giants

dieselshak, Minister of SPARTANS AND GLADIATORS

cgn494, The new guy

Johnnyvegas15, Minister of Jarheads

Southern Comfort, Minister of annoying ideas that cannot be turned off without a swift kick/ban

Craig Mellor, Minister of Mellons

newyorkthug, Minister of thugged out, bling bling, bang bang

Signed for FOK,

President MikeTheFirst

Minister of Defense Timmehhh

Minister of Economic Affairs Ecnelis

Minister of Internal Affairs Outlander

Minister of Foreign Affairs Tromp

Edited by Tromp
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o/ PC

Too bad no one from PC was available to sign it. :blink:

Yeah seriously, those Poison Clan kids are seriously so damn inactive. I mean why in the world would FOK sign anything with them? I mean.. oh wait..

Also, I missed posting first only because of my meeting. Damn conference calls. You have your laugh this time, Pooks.

<3 FOK :D

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Im just glad that we can solidify our love. For the occasion, I have borrowed a song from thelonelyisland -

o7 All the great guys in FOK (even Astronaut Jones)

o7 PC as always, and our Awesomeness

o7 Everyone involved here

This really is the meeting of two mammoths & will last forever.

Also, Bacon?

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