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Lafayette Escadrille

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If you are interesting in joining Lafayette Escadrille, please be aware of the following:

Open applications are no longer being approved. We have accepted and are processing many new members this round. Next round we will reopen the application process.

Referral members (friends or family of existing members) are still being accepted. The member that refers you will provide site information for to post your application.

LE Cadet AA - This alliance affiliation is being used by our new registered members during training. An attack on LE Cadet = an attack on Lafayette Escadrille. The LE Cadet AA will increase and decrease, but no matter the size, they remain a part of Lafayette Escadrille.

Ghosting Policy - We check at least daily, and up to hourly, our AA rosters against forum membership. We consider all nations flying our AA without forum membership to be Ghosts. You may or may not get a warning, but you will be attacked for Ghosting LE.

Raiding Policy - Lafayette Escadrille has an official policy not to raid Alliances with more than 10 nations. Raids against LE Cadet or Lafayette Escadrille will be aggressively defended up to 3v1 on the raider as needed.

Carry on.

Fisher X of Bear Island

Lafayette Escadrille Interior Czar & Team Black Senator

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