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Blue Trade Circle

Captain Canuck

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Need someone with Aluminum and Wheat, last spot to fill!

Someone had a posted a similar trade circle proposal last month but it seems to have fallen through.

My nation is still too young to have a harbor yet :unsure:, but I will buy one as soon as possible. I now have a harbor, so no worries. :rolleyes:

This is one of the best sets available; you receive a massive population bonus (population > income/happiness since it allows you to get improvements faster and you only get, at most, 28% of the income boost as taxes, and it allows you to maintain a larger army should the need arise), and at the same time receive a massive cut in cost to infrastructure, allowing your nation to achieve high populations at very efficient cost. Water also helps maintain your population density with such a high population count.


Cattle: Mikopia

Coal: Cascadian Empire

Fish: Cascadian Empire

Iron: Pohjola

Lumber: Leoville

Marble: Leoville

Pigs: Mikopia

Spices: Undying Darkness

Sugar: Pohjola

Water: Undying Darkness


Bonus Resources:

Fast Food, Beer, Construction, Steel


Stuff in bold indicates it is approaching or at the maximum attainable boost from trade

Citizens: +30.6%

Happiness: +9.5 (+5 more if everyone is Blue)

Infra Cost: -33.2%

Infra Upkeep: -17.2%

Land Cost: -14.5%

Land Bonus: +24.2%

Environment: +1

Soldier Efficiency: +49%

Soldier Cost: -$3.00

Soldier Upkeep: -$.050

Tank Upkeep: -5%

Navy Cost: -15%

Aircraft Cost: -8%

Aircraft Limit: +10

Links to participant nations:

1. Cascadian Empire - Coal, Fish

2. Pohjola - Iron, Sugar

3. Mikopia - Cattle, Pigs

4. Undying Darkness - Spices, Water

5. Leoville - Lumber, Marble


*on condition that they switch to the Blue Team once this trade circle is full

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i have a possible solution ... i have marble and wine ready to trade with you guys ... if you want to use wine instead of the lumber then my link nation is in the signature ... BLUE TEAM and ready for life aggrements ... and yeah if you guys accept me and hold this aggrement then i will send 3 million to each of you just fix this damn trades

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