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Factbook of the United Commonwealth


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Formal Name: The Union of the Commonwealth Republics of Zambia, Franzharia, and South Angola

Official Name: The United Commonwealth of South-Central Africa

Short Name: The United Commonwealth

Common Names: The Commonwealth, The Union, The Republics, South-Central Africa, Greater Zambia, Zambia-Franzharia

Government Type: Commonwealth (Union of three Parliamentary Republics with a Triumvirate of Viceroys acting as a 'Head-of-State with a Prime Minister as Head-of-Government for the Union as a whole and Parliament representing the united interests of the Commonwealth, as well as a Governor and Regional Parliament in each 'Republic')

Economy Type: Regulated Free Market (Certain industries such as Defense and Education are Nationalized, while 86% of business is private owned)

Currency: The Union has not issued a common currency, but the Transvaler Rand (Florin) is the most commonly accepted form of currency.

Current Government:


Viceroy of Zambia: Doyen Agobe

Viceroy of South Angola: VACANT

Viceroy of Franzharia: VACANT

Lord-Prince of Namibe: Ranather Rukia


Commonwealth Prime Minister: Henry Ayenbedejo (Nationalist Party, Centre-Right)

Duceroy of the Zambian Republic: Valerie Respinotso (Nationalist Party, Centre-Right)

Duceroy of the South Angolan Republic: Vaal Oyonakoye (Angolan Conservative Party, Moderate)

Duceroy of the Franzharian Republic: Simon Schmidt (Socialist Party, Centre-Left)

Prime Minister of Namibe: Martin Everest (Ranatherist Party, Right)

Commonwealth Parliament, 100 Seats: Nationalist Party 75 Seats, Socialist Party 20 Seats, Monarchist Party 5 Seats

Zambian Parliament: Nationalist Party 20 Seats, Monarchist Party 5 Seats

South Angolan Parliament: A.C.P. 25 Seats

Franzharian Parliament: Socialist Party 24 Seats, Nationalist Party 1 Seat


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