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The Birth of the Nietzhian people!


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Last night the first few buildings were standing completed on the shores of Arctis and the Nietzhian people have finally the time and space to begin their destiny. I am Matriarch Electra and i intend to lead my people on the front of genetic research and the improvement of the human form. We have several teachers for our people whom we look back on for philosophy and guidance, Darwin and Nietzhie beeing merely two of them.

We live with the firm knowlegde that the universe is out to kill us, and we expect nothing less. Ever heard the quote "what does not kill us makes us stronger?" this could be said of my people. We aim to excel in the arts and sciences, War and diplomacy. We settled here on arctis because the hardships it provides us is a worthy test and proof of our strenght of will. For who else will gladly settle in a lifeless and cold place such as this?.

I write now to offer a greeting to the world in general.. We are here to stay and we are open to negotations. As for war.. expect us to always be on the winning side. wichever side that happens to be.. Our loyalties are to our own people first and foremost afterall. no?

Signed, Matriarch Electra of the colony Angus Redoubt

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