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The Black Phoenix


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When the nuclear bunker and disaster proofing craze hit Norsvea, 80% of people built underground bunkers. Businesses, Government offices, and homes all had their own underground bunker ready to sustain them for at least 70 years of being underground. Also, there were a few organizations that were planning to take control of lands or cities in the event of a nuclear holocaust. One such organization was the Black Phoenix. The Black Phoenix is an organization not unlike the Distopyan Nationalists of Distopyan Manitoba/Ottawa. Most of them had no religious background, however swore allegiance to the Aesir.

Niklas Agnarson Magnus is the proposed leader of the Black Phoenix project. However, he is not the leader of the program. Niklas is only who the leader would be if they take control of some territory. Niklas for now is the face and "PR guy" of the program.

Halle Jensen is the mastermind behind the plan, and personal love interest of Niklas'. She has mapped out marches, created army statistics, and basically done all the work that needed to be done before Niklas gets into power. After planning meetings, Halle and Niklas quickly make their way to the back room and release the tension that usually builds up during discussions and other planning periods.

Frode Berge was the smart man. He knew his way around Norsvean law and served as a lawyer in the city of Trøndheim for a couple years. He was the one that got their banner approved for the public eye.

Many others, in fact upwards of 200 people, were inside the organization. Obviously, they weren't planning a violent overthrow of the Abærøn. No, there was a plan.


"Alright. We have our contingency plans for failure. We have our plans for what to do after we get into power. We know exactly what we are going to do. What I don't know," Frode said, "is what we're waiting for."

"The right time," Niklas said in his deep, raspy voice.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

An annoyed response came from Halle, "It means that even if we could get voting in, the majority of people would still vote for Sixx."

"Yes, Frode, we have created Part 2 and Part 3 of our plan. However, no matter what, they will vote for Sixx because of his position as a great Distopyan leader. The first Distopyan, I might add. We can't just say that we were originally from Distopyan Georgia anymore, Oppøre did that, and look where it got him. No. We cannot make ourselves seem better. We must make this liberal society seem like it is the worst. We must get followers. We must take Sixx down to a level where his people hate him for what I see as him abandoning his people and making them choose between laws and complete freedom." Niklas was hardly a man of this many words in private, he preferred to let his friends talk and then offer his opinion.

After a moment of silence, Frode still scratched his head. "How the hell do we do that?"

"It's already being done," Niklas answered, "I have an agent spreading the word and a few more digging up dirt on Sixx."

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For a few months, the Black Phoenix Organization had invaded news agencies and businesses, digging up dirt on and slandering Sixx. Thanks to the liberal civil rights laws, this was done with no trouble. The Abærøn's approval rating began to plummet to a low rating. People were calling from his removal of power and the removal of a heavy Distopyan society. While Niklas was in Nordheim, many members of the BPO entered the kongress and lobbied for a constitutional amendment to allow elections. Soon, the day came for elections, whether it would be the reelection of Sixx, Magnus, or some of the other parties. With this election of a new leader, came the election of a new government.

"All rise for proceedings." All of the senators and representatives stood. The speaker stated all of the parties and what they stood for. The Nationalist Party, the Martencist Party, and the Ubersteinian Party were all under the Black Phoenix. The Patriot party was Sixx's party. Then there was the Communist Party, Francoist Party, European Party, and Distopyan Party.

Their three receptacles for the votes were sure to win. Their strategy was to put more buckets under the leaky faucet, more water will gather into theirs.

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