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A Very Special NATO Message to ARN

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Official Statement from NATO’s Office of Minor Annoyances


Dearest ARN,

For misrepresenting himself towards and spouting negative information regarding NATO that could only be described as a serious disconnection from reality,

For agreeing to form a protectorate pact with wentworth, backing out of said agreement without having the courtesy of notifying us, then proceeding to publicly bash NATO when wentworth's RL commitments kept him from properly informing the rest of NATO of the informal, unwritten protectorate,

For signing an agreement of protection with GRAN and then proceeding to level threats, implied and explicit,

And for general diplomatic asshatery,

Your Premier, Kingem093, is hereby declared an enemy of NATO. Our forces have commenced Operation Fugazi, and will not stop until KEmo reaches a total absence of infrastructure.

This is where you come in, ARN. You can't be proud of KEmo at this point, and most of you are no doubt wishing you were not in this precarious position. That's why we're not attacking you. Your fate is solely in your hands.

Any ARN nations aiding Kingem093 financially or militarily, or any nation that attacks a member of NATO, will cause this decision to spare your nations to become void.

Obviously your charter, which grants total dictatorial power to KEmo, will need to be written as he will never be given the chance to join your alliance in the future. If you choose to remain an alliance, send us two of your best and we’ll teach them how to do it correctly, ensuring this doesn’t happen again in a few weeks.

Respectfully yours,

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Terms of Surrender for Kingme093:

A public apology to GRAN for putting them through this debacle

Attaining zero infrastructure without selling any levels

You must leave and never rejoin ARN. Your buddies should do the same (you know who they are).

Any alliance you establish in the next six months will automatically be in a state of war with NATO.

A special request from wentworth, whose heart melts with every moment of this twisted existence:

I am not who you claim me to be

Do you know what you have done

This is what we've become

I sense your pathetic guilt

This is what we've become

How you under estimate the power of denial sickens me

And I reject any last apologies

This is the last time you hear my name

But forever I haunt your dreams of agony

You know my name

I am the fallen one

I am all that is evil

I am diabolical

I am the end.

Executive Summary - NATO declares war on Allied Rebel Nations but for now will only be attacking their Premier. Any ARN members who wish to avoid conflict must do nothing.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Oh ARN, must suck to be DoW on, I would know :P

They are not getting attacked...

As for Kingem0, I must admit I was never a big fan of him myself and thusly I can't say I'm sorry for the faith that awaits him.

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First off i never treatened anyone!

Second off i told wentworth that i didn't needs NATO's help as seen here: http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn172/K...pg?t=1236045909

(As you can see it was sent Feb, 24 2009. So i sent it before i talked to GRAN)

And you said you accepted my apology as seen here: http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn172/K...pg?t=1236045914

(Which i received yesterday!)

I refuse to insult anyone here!

And all i ever did was say what REALLY happened!

And it doesn't matter im quiting CN!

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