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United Defence Order is new brand alliance with alots of government position avaible and has an excellent leadership that are nice,friendly and helpful anytime. If you got a question it will be answered asap. It has a directory once u becomed a member to teach how to be successful in cn.

Our goal as an alliance is help our members grow and work as team to create a superb alliance, and have fun and enjoy at the same time. To make the success of UDO relies on the help of each individual nation and working as team, in order for that all members will be treated equally with respect. No matter wats the strength is or their postion.

Members of this alliance will have their freedom of speech and new suggestion to make this alliance even better will be taken. We will follow a democatic policy to make UDO a better place for everyone. It is expected of the members to be active as possible and if something important happen in real life we will understand and help the best we can to cheer you up. In our alliance every will be caring and understanding of each other

Quick info about United Defence Order:

-United Defence Order currently fast developing alliance. It is a new alliance with alots of support form other alliance and protectorate of

-We are a protectorate of Illuminati so we offer the security of a large alliance with the excellent members and one of the best alliance with tons of friends in cybernations.

-For all nations who join the UDO, we are offering a minimum of $200,000 in aid but can receive much more, up to $1 or more million as time progresses

-Our color is White, and all nations under 3k-5k nation strength are required to change. All over 10k are strongly encouraged to change.

-We do allow tech raiding actives, but before you were to raid just inform your higher offical and get premission if necessary.

-Tech Raids are standard as every other alliance, You can engage in raid if there are 5 days inactive or more and

no alliance afflication aka when they are not in an alliance

-Government election occurs every 2 months or monthly: Minister of War, and Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of Foreign Affair, Minister of Economics, Minister of Recuitment and smaller dept.ministeries

Our forum website is: http://z3.invisionfree.com/UDO

Its is constantly being updated until we have reached to looks of excellency. People with knowlegde will be appointed to modify the forum and will be given special permission.

Overall, even though this new alliance, tons aids is available, members will be friendly and caring. Everyone will be treated with equal respect. Join to start a new nation which rises to top!

Cheers! :awesome:

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United Defence Order Charter

Preamble: We of UDO support all of our members in aid, war, and any other situation that may cause harm to a UDO member, and in return we ask for members to be respectful and respect all fellow members.


To join, you must agree to the charter, and also respect all members in public events or on any other forums.

United Defence Order

All members, including Leaders, Ministers, and members, are recognized as subjects of the UDO.

I. Government


The UDO alliance is a democratice alliance, therefore it is ruled by a President and Vice-President with the help of his/her ministers. The President's & Vice-President's word is final, no objections may be held. The leader of the alliance may Veto anything that he/she wants.


There are a total of 10 Ministry positions in the United Defence Order. They include: Minister of Defense, Minister of Economics, Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Minister of Recruitment, Dept.Minister of Defense, Dept.Minister of Economics, Dept.Minister of Internal Affairs, Dept.Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Dept.Minister of Recruitment.


Any member can be expulled by order of the President and Vice-President. Members can submit requests for expulsion of another member, in which the Minister of Internal Affairs will do an investigation whether that member should indeed be expulled or not. If the Minister of Internal Affairs agrees that the member should be expulled, he shall immediately notify the leaders and decision will made together , and if the leaders are not active for the notification or cannot decide, the member will remain in the alliance until further notice.

II. Basic Rules


Members are expected to represent UDO in a positive manner, which includes no spamming, no threatening other alliances, or simply shedding a negative light upon our alliance, which could result in punishment (including expulsion from the alliance).


You may leave United Defence Order at any time. You may not join another alliance while in UDO. If you join another alliance while in Prussia, you will be placed on our Perma-ZI List and noted as a traitor. You may not entice others to join another alliance or make plans to recruit members from UDO while joining another alliance. You are also not permitted to make negative remarks about the alliance in your departure or else you will face Perma-ZI.

Nuclear Weapons

Any nation of United Defence Order that is eligable to purchase nukes must immediately purchase maximum nukes. However, you may not fire any nuclear weapons without permission. from the Presidents. The only time a member will be granted permission is if he has been threatened by a nuclear attack, or already struck by a nuclear attack. Nukes may also be used on rogues without the needed permission of the Leaders. If there is an incident where a member fires a nuclear weapon without permission, that member may be immediately expulled by order of the Leaders. Possible verdicts are reparations, expulsion, sanction, and Perma-ZI. Offensive nuclear attacks are supported if the Presidents say so.

III. War Informations

As a member of United Defence Order you are not allowed to war an alligned nation without permission. If a UDO member attacks an alligned nation without permission, that member will have to deal with the consequences without our alliance's help. In the likely case that the nation is permitted to stay in the alliance, the ruler must pay reparations to the defending party if they are due. It is the order of the Presidents whether an offensive war should be started or not. During a defensive war all MDPs, MADPs, or Protectorates are subject to fight. UDO does not sign NAPs.

IV. Acceptance Into United Defence Order

To join udo you must loyal,respectful and be a part of no other alliance. If requested or voluntarly u can pledge allegiance as following:

Example: "I (nation ruler of nation name) agree to uphold and obey the United Defence Order charter. By doing so I acknowledge the rules of being in United Defence Order and the punishment that follows the breaking of these rules."

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