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Selling 250 Tech for 6 mil upfront


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Yes there is a reason I need the 6 mil upfront. I am preparing for an infrastructure jump on 3/22/09, and so would like to maximize the amount of cash I have on that date. I will offer you 250 tech back at a later date in return. I have three slots open for this on the below dates.

Slot 1: 3/4-3/14

Slot 2: 3/5-3/15

Slot 3: 3/5-3/15

Send me 3 mil on those two dates, and I will give back to you over the corresponding 50 days 250 tech, I might even speed that up by getting friends to help pay off the debt. But I assure you it will be payed back. I will be making enough money at the time after the jump that I would easily be able to buy 200 tech every 10 days (which is what I would need) so no need to fear. Please message me if you want to be part of this deal, and which slot you want. Thank you. dates may be negotiable. But can start no later than 3/11.

my nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=291368

Another Note: I might not do three of these deals, depends if I will need all of the money in it. First come first serve; though all members of my alliance that want in will automatically be moved to first priority. sorry.

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