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The Colorado/Calgary Accords


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There we were, sitting alone in the IRC channel, waiting on Wolfebot to pour another beer, when a stranger appears. He slides up to the bar, and declares that he hopes the AVS beat the stuffing out of the opposing team. We think we are kindred spirits, turns out he was a Flames fan, but hated the other team. After many beers, and tears (AVS Lost) a friendship and this treaty was born.

I am pleased to announce this treaty between The 57th Overlanders and the Aquatic Coalition Front:




Most of us, from the Aquatic Coalition Front to us here at the 57th, like and/or respect the great sport of hockey and/or futball, and/or rugby. In recognition of our shared love (with probable exception of rugby), we agree to the following terms, the same terms that our high school coaches drilled into our heads before every game:

Article I: Respect

Both ACF and the 57th Overlanders agree to respect each other and act accordingly; however, a few jibes here and there can't hurt. After all, if friends can't make fun of each other, then who can? It gets taken too far though, and you just know riots will be happening...

Article II: Friendship

No matter what happens out on the ice, or the field, we're friends whether our team is winning or losing. We ain't ones to let a sultry game destroy a bond as great as friendship, because, well... we're more mature than that? *Okay, seriously, how drunk were we writing this?!?!*

Article III: Helpin' Each Other Out

Always help a fellow team mate out whenever possible. If they're short a few, can't hurt to lend them what they're needin'. Course, there has to be a reason for that loan, and the "My wallet got stolen," excuse isn't good enough.

Article IV: Intelligence

Watching videotapes of another teams practice isn't cheating, it's just smart. This means that, should either of these clubs know something that could hurt or harm or pertain to the other alliance, that they have a duty to tell their friends what's going on. We encourage the sharing of videotapes of all natures to facilitate this.

Article V: Resignation

Friends are friends, through and through; however, there are certain things that even friends can't handle. If one of us goes ignoring what we agreed to here, or simply wishes to leave this treaty, and things cannot be solved diplomatically, then 72 hours notice shall be given before this agreement is null and void.

Signed for the 57th Overlanders:

Captain - Mechanus

Lieutenant - Veneke

Quartermaster - HollowEyes

Signed for the Aquatic Coalition Front:

Lonewolfe2015 - Supreme High Councilman

Tehol - High Councilman

Gambona - High Councilman

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I don't rightly know what all that stuff 's about. Ain't never heard 'bout hockey nor that futbol stuff. I do know fightin' and drinkin' and I know that ACF ain't too stingy on their reserves so they are alright in my book. Nice to see this sorta thing happenin' to fine folk.

To cups that ne'er run dry and stories that aim to amuse.

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Who was playing the Avs that this so called Flames fan would cheer for them? Unless it was the Nucks or the Oilers, and potentially the Rangers, this is completely unacceptable. Even then, the appropriate action would be to cheer for injuries.

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