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Operation Dark Star

Maelstrom Vortex

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##Top Secret##

Actually, on several airstrips throughout Tasmania... because of how many there are.

All Leviathan Aircraft (EB-52) (without the silly plasma yield warheads) are on constant alert. Each one is loaded with a long range (1000 nm) MS-125 "Extended Tiamat" ASM Stealth Cruise missile. Each one of these contained approximately 75 (Medium/Small) warheads. Each warhead contained 1 sample of either weaponized anthrax, ebola, flu, small pox, botulism, or rhino virus, or VX gas. Ten of each type with 5 spare warheads assigned random payloads from the 7 strike packages. They sit waiting for the command to strike their targets around the globe.

Their escorts also sit prepared for launch.

ooc: I almost never get to use my bombers.. may as well ready them in case I need to. The MS-125 only differs from the standard MS-30 Tiamat in that it is 125 feet long and designed to fill the payload bay of the B-52 to the maximum. The B52 is around 160 feet long. It also maximizes warhead containment space on the missile. The EB-52 specializes in electronic warfare and also has its engines built into the wings instead of on pods in addition to a stealth coat of RAM materials and a more slender profile. It's not as stealthy as say the B-2 or F117, but it's a lot more radar friendly than the B-52 was.

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"Bobby, I really don't want to do this mission."

"Me either Jake, but they're not leaving us much choice. They want us dead."

"Yeah, I know.. but seriously.. we might just accidentally kill off a lot more than just them!"

"Then I guess the world better step up to the plate and stop this madness cause the Brass has it's back to the wall here."

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