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The United States of China admits 3 New States into the Union


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Chinese News Networks Live Feed to a Announcement from President Kun Triyun

The United States of China hereby via full vote of the United States of China Elected State Councils declare the additions of three new states into the United States of China. The State of Beijing, which will include Beijing, South Hebei, and Tianjin, the State of Shandong, and the state of Shaanxi. These states will begin the process of becoming fully integrated as members of the United States of China.

The provisional governors of each of the states has issued a executive decree declaring its full intention to integrate into the Union and declaration of hostilities against the Comintern cabal seeking to subjugate the Chinese National Identity.


A Map of Union and its Dependencies

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Dragonisia remains as neutral as Switzerland in this conflict as we continue to sit and build on Tasmania. Mostly because we're still trying to figure out how to get our army off this island. We do, however, congratulate the USC on its successful growth.

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