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Here's AHEAD, now where's the body?


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Here's AHEAD, now where's the body?

MHA-AHEAD Protectorate


I - Preamble, Protection and Assistance

The Mostly Harmless Alliance (henceforth referred to as MHA) hereby enters into this protectorate with the Alliance for Happy Evolution And Defence (henceforth referred to as AHEAD).

II - Sovereignty

1. Both signatory alliances shall maintain individual sovereignty at all times.

2. AHEAD shall be provided with Advisors from the MHA to help guide the alliance in all matters pertaining to Economics, Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Military Affairs and Organization.

a ) All Advisors must be approved by the Government of AHEAD.

b ) Said advisors hold full viewing rights of the AHEAD forums and a non binding opinion on all the AHEAD decisions about foreign politics.

3. AHEAD will seek the MHA government's approval for any Defense or Aid treaties they wish to sign with other alliances. Lacking said approval, the signing of such treaties will be ground for the immediate termination of this accord, and it will be faculty of the MHA to decide about the application of Paragraph V-1.

All other obligations and treaties AHEAD may have are hereby canceled, with the only exceptions of the AHEAD signature over the Green Protection Agency's DoN and the AHEAD's Assent to The Democratic Order's Declaration of Global Neutrality.

4. AHEAD agrees to establish and maintain at least 70% membership on the Aqua sphere. AHEAD agrees to vote for a senate candidate of MHA’s choosing for the Aqua Team Senate.

5. In the event of an AHEAD disbandment, the MHA will protect the Nations with the AHEAD Alliance Affiliation in accordance with Paragraph V-1, and it also reserves the right to assimilate them into its membership.

III - Aid

1. The MHA pledges unilateral financial, technological, military, political, and resource trading assistance to AHEAD, if requested. This entitles AHEAD to access to the MHA Banks, Trade Centers, and Tech Centers.

2. AHEAD is entitled to, without obligation, pledge financial, technological, military, political, and resource trading assistance to the MHA.

IV - Defense

1. An attack upon AHEAD by any nation or alliance is considered an attack upon the MHA, and as such the MHA hereby pledges its unconditional defense of AHEAD at all times.

2. An attack upon the MHA by any nation or alliance entitles AHEAD, without obligation, to pledge its defense of the MHA, if so requested.

3. Either party may request, without obligation to the other, any assistance in an aggressive war at any time.

V - Cancellation, Renewal and Expiration

1. Should both parties agree to cancel this treaty peacefully, a period of 48 hours will remain in effect in which all the articles of the treaty will remain valid.

2. This treaty will be renewed monthly, upon evaluation by both the signatories' governments.

a ) Should either party decide to not renew it, the signatories will part their ways peacefully at the end of the monthly period.

b ) Should AHEAD fail to develop as expected, as an alternative to the simple cancellation of this accord the Protectorate will be offered the opportunity to merge into the MHA.

3. Violations of the spirit and letter of this treaty shall have it considered immediately void.

VI - Signatures


Aparte - AHEAD Prime Minister

Sigrid - AHEAD Minister of Foreign Affairs

Iron Chef - AHEAD Minister of Economics

For the Mostly Harmless Alliance;

Count Rupert - Triumvir

Floyd - Triumvir

Working Class Ruler - Triumvir

Ratified on: February 27, 2009

Written by jerdge, Deputy Minister of Babel Fish, MHA.

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I must add that other unofficial names for this treaty are:

  • Full Steam AHEAD
  • Humans are not proud of their ape ancestry
  • We stole their founder but made up for it with a protectorate

Many thanks to Espressoville for having actually written the treaty this derives from, to AHEAD for having proposed us this treaty and to the MHA government which kindness made this possible.

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About damn time too.

they have been flying your protection for weeks now.

Congrats AHEAD, you have an amazing protector in MHA

I'm telling you - I flew right into red tape with that too...

But seeing this announcement simplifies so many things all at once

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