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Declaration of protectorate


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Here's the region I was thinking, it's white so there shouldn't be any problems:



1) The Maximum - Both Red Areas, ignoring the yellow border line I have placed.

2) The Minimum Alpha - The Southern Red Area, below my yellow border line.

3) The Minimum Omega - The Northern Red Area, above my yellow border line.

What do you think? :D^_^

OOC: a claim by KujaSin. If you wish to accept it.

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Actually I am sorta having some second thoughts for now, don't worry about me :)

I'll get back to you when I can think of a clear idea etc.

(And I wasn't going to claim anything without asking the appropriate people in anycase ^_^ )

OOC: As far as I know, Kuja Sin has not yet decided wether he/she wants the land. When a final decision is made, we can discuss it.

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